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09:12AM | 10/05/05
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OK, I just moved and had to install a second phone line into the house. The phone guys did all of the wiring and since it cost me $500 to have him come out, I am trying to fix this so I don't have to pay him again to come out.

Here is what I have:

Line 1 - Run on its own cable, works fine.

Line 2 - Just installed. Guy ran cat 3 cable from the box outside to the jack inside. On the outside, he has blue and white wires hooked up. On the inside it is blue and white.

Problem: Lines 2 - dsl works fine, no dial tone. I have tried everything: hooking phone straight to the jack, changing cables.

I need this second line for a fax machine. Would someone help me!!




06:03PM | 10/05/05
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Do you have the DSL filters installed on the 2nd line or is there a filter installed at the NID box?


09:21AM | 10/08/05
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call the $500 guy back and tell him to fix it, or does he not guarantee his work? Phone lines are very simple and should not cost $500 to install - or am I in the wrong business? good luck


02:26PM | 10/10/05
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I'd check with your service provider. I believe that there is a "no dial tone" option on a DSL line. If you want to use that second DSL line for fax as well as internet, you're going to need a carrier on it.

Jim D

12:06AM | 10/11/05
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SFZMEDIA - hi, HouseHelper is on the right track if I understand what you want. You had the 2nd phone line installed and have DSL on it for your computer. You also want to use a fax machine on that line.

The easiest solution is to install a 2-line splitter at the wall outlet, so you now have 2 places to connect the phone lines. Hook the computer DSL modem line to one of them for your DSL. Hook a DSL Filter into the second one and hook your fax machine line to the DSL filter. I run the same setup so my Caller ID box will show me who's calling while I'm on the computer. Normally, DSL lines won't provide a dial tone unless you have the filter installed on the line.

Also, it's none of my business but I'm confused about the need for a second phone line if your local phone exchange has DSL capability. You can use the computer and talk on the phone at the same time, on the same line, if you have DSL. Your phone instruments have to have the filters connected to their lines - the only unfiltered connection would be for the computer's DSL modem. There shouldn't have been a need to install a new phone line unless your first phone number was part of an exchange (the first 3 digits of the 7-digit phone number) that isn't DSL-capable.

Did you obtain your DSL via your local Internet Service Provider? My last ISP, when DSL first became available in my area, was charging a 1-time fee of like $200 to arrange the DSL connection, and then they had a higher monthly fee for people using DSL to connect to their E-Mail system. I still can't figure that out and don't plan to since I no longer use them as my ISP...

I hope this helps some - please let us know if you get the problem solved. Good luck! Jim D/West Point, VA


03:43AM | 10/11/05
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They even with DSL they can need a 2nd phone line for a fax or to have separate incomign and outgoing line.

Sounds like an office in the home.

I think I got her in the right direction.

Jim D

11:56PM | 10/11/05
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Billhart - hi, I don't believe there's normally a need for 2 lines when the user has DSL. In SFZMEDIA's case, it could be true if they don't want the fax sharing the same line as the normal voice line. For a user who's not using a fax, only 1 line should be necessary as DSL allows the phone and computer to use the same line at the same time.

I didn't stop and think that it could be a home office setup where a dedicated fax line was needed. I apologize if my comment in the previous post misled anyone. Thanks for posting great advice throughout this BBS! Jim D/West Point, VA

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