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07:55AM | 04/23/06
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Okay, I am my wit's end with this fan. Previous to the fan install was a hanging light. There are two switches (one on each side of the room) for controlling the on/off. Both switches do the same thing. I was wanting to wire the fan/light to the switch so that all functionality of the fan and light is controlled by either of those two switches.

Now for the fun part, In the ceiling, I have two white wires, two black wires, and two red wires. The fan has one black, one white, and one black/white. Can someone please help me figure out the proper wiring. I feel like I have tried everything.


10:24AM | 04/23/06
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What it appears is that you have two 3-way switches with the power coming into one switch. Then a 3 wire cable from that switch to the ceiling box. Then another 3 wire cable to the 2nd 3-way switch.

This shows the wiring.

BUT NOTE that sometimes the correct color scheme is not used.

Also the white wire to the switch on the right is now a switch leg traveler and should be marked with tape or marker (typicaly black or red) to indicate that it is a hot wire.

Tell me which wires the old light fixture was connected to. And also whcih wires where connected other wires in the cable.

"The fan has one black, one white, and one black/white. "

Typically the light will have a neutral (white), a hot for the fan (Black) and hot for the lights (blue).

The black/white MIGHT be the hot for the light in your case, but look at the INSTRUCTIONS.

Where you have a single switch function that controls the fan/light (whether it is a single switch or 3-way/4-way switches in different parts of the room) then the fan hot and the light hot are connected together and connected to the switched hot.


12:14PM | 04/23/06
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the old light only had two wires that were unmarked with color. Each of these was hooked to a different white wire in the breaker box. I have now gotten one switch to operate the fan and the other to operate the light, however, I was both to be the on/off for the fan and light combined. I have it currently wired as follows:

the two reds from the ceiling are together. They are not hooked to any fan wires

two black wires from ceiling and solid black from together

1 white wire from ceiling to white wire of fan

the other white wire from ceiling to black/white wire of fan

Like I said, the swith on the right side of the room will control the light on off. The switch on the left side controls the fan. Any ideas??

Thanks so much for your help.


01:35PM | 04/23/06
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"Each of these was hooked to a different white wire in the breaker box."

I assume that you ment the ceiling box.

Do you have any kind of electrical test equipment? Even one of the neon bulb testers?

Do you have the instructions on the fan giving the wire colors on the fan?


02:59PM | 04/23/06
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You are correct, I meant ceiling box.

I have tried testing the wires, but couldn't get any good results. I noticed that when the two white wires from the ceiling box were hooked together, then the breaker would blow.

The instructions on the fan say to hook white from fan to white from ceiling, black from the fan to black from the ceiling, and black/white wire from fan to whatever the switched wire.

doug seibert

04:35PM | 04/23/06
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The Power feed must enter at a switch.....we'll call that Switch One

The other switch is switch two.....

You'll need to change both switches to single pole switches(or use only the Black colored terminal and one other terminal)

At switch #1

Connect the Power Feed White to the white wire in the 3-wire cable

Connect a short pigtail to the black power feed and connect to the black in the 3-wire cable........attach the pigtail to the switch......

Connect the red (from the 3-wire cable) to the switch.......

At switch #2

Connect the black wire to one side of the switch

Connect the red wire to one terminal on the switch......

.....wirenut the white as it is NOT used

At the Light/Fan

Wire nut the white wire from switch #2.....

Connect the White (neutral) from switch #1 to the white in the Fan/light

Connect the Two blacks to each other and wirenut the connection......

You're left with Two red wires......each of them a switched power suppy.......connect One to the Black wire to feed the fan......Connect the second red to the black striped wire to feed the light.........

The White/neutral is NEVER continues unbroken to the fixture......

The Black wires provides Power feed to both of the switches.....the reds feed switched power to the fixtures......good luck.....

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