05:33PM | 07/25/13
We have had 1 of our 6 hard-wired smoke detectors beeping/chirping at random times, night and day for 2 years. We go for long stretches where it's OK and then we have 3-4 days of hell. We vacuum, replace batteries, do all of the things all of you are doing. I've just spent the entire day listening to it every 4-5 minutes, and I just went up and took it down from the ceiling. The beeping continued from the gaping hole with 3 wires dangling!!! There are lot's of complaints here, but not many answers!


11:24PM | 07/27/13
We are having the same issue. Definitely coming from smoke detector and only beeps at night when temperature inside the house drops below 70 degrees. Help .


11:08PM | 07/28/13
I am having a similar issue. All new FirstAlert hardwired installed throughout house 6 months ago. Combos in halls are fine, but the smoke ones in the bedrooms (4) all take turns randomly making 3 fast beeps. Sometimes its one room then I dont notice it for a few days. Sometimes another room might do it twice in 20 min. Other times its one room every 3 hours or so. More at night than day, but sometimes in the day. They have done this since the day they were installed.


01:06AM | 08/11/13
I thought that my hard wired smoke detector was beeping from within the ceiling as well as some of the others who have posted on here . It was in fact one of the other battery operated ones that are also in the home that was chirping. Check them all if you are having this issue ..maybe you will get lucky and it was a battery !


08:55PM | 08/13/13
All green lights are solid and on. New batteries throughout. Still chirping!!!!!


08:53AM | 08/21/13
Have you tried running a test? Mine would chirp after replacing the batteries if it hadn't been tested. Just hold down the yes button for about 9 seconds to rum through a few test cycles and you should be good to go.


09:20AM | 08/28/13
Hi all, I have been dealing with the same issue and have a possible cause. I recently changed all hard wired units in the second floor and chirping went away for about a month. Low and behold it happened again today. I came on the sight to find an answer but no one seams to have figured it out. I think I may have stumbled app on a cause. If anyone thinks this may be their cause please repost. Here goes. I have three bedroom with window air conditioners. Two of the rooms door was closed and nice and cool the third had the air turned off and was about 20 degrees hotter. Is it possible that the temp in the one room wasn't close to the other and cause it to alarm? anyone?


11:38AM | 09/02/13
I have several hard wired smoke detectors and once in a while, invariable in the middle of the night, ALL of the detectors start sounding (not brief "low battery" chirps) long undulating waves of high frequency tones. This goes on for 15 - 30 seconds and then stops only to do this a few more times before stopping completely. Usually this happens in the fall during humid weather when there may be thunderstorms in the region (not in the immediate area). My theory is that these detectors have the capacity to collectively sound when any one unit goes off (this is a good thing) but that some freak signal coming over the power wires is mimicking the "collective sound off" signal that the detectors use when there is a real fire.

This is a giant Pain in the a...


12:01PM | 09/04/13
We have the same problem. Removed the detector and the beeping continues to come from the ceiling. Battery replacement has no effect. How can the *ceiling* beep!??
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