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05:14AM | 08/27/06
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Is it normal for a heavy load appliance to cause a circuit breaker to feel warm? Would something like a clothes dryer that had been operating for over 45 minutes or maybe an oven that been heating to 450 degrees cause the breaker to feel warm? After reading articles on the internet about how a breaker could feel 10-30 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature, I wanted an answer in simple terms. Our panel is only two feet away from the dryer...could the heat form the dryer affect the "ambient" air? Plus, it was 95 degrees yesterday and you can feel that heat where the panel is. So it is quite warm in that area. Also, there was NO burning smell or buzzing around the warm breaker. As far as I know, this breaker has never tripped...

We did have an electrican look through the panel about 2 years ago to make sure everything looked okay as the home is 20 years old. Sorry, for the long post, but I am a worry wart.

In short, is this normal? Thanks for your help.


07:12AM | 08/27/06
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A warm circuit breaker is normal under heavy use. Mine gets that way when our electric stove is on. No problem.

Let us know how it works out.


10:06AM | 08/27/06
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Thank you. That was the impression I was getting from the articles I read, but they were very technical and some of the jargon was over my head. Unfortunately, the more stuff you read about these things, the more nervous you get...

Used the dryer this morning and the breaker was warm until the cycle was almost over, then it was cool.

Thanks again, you've eased my mind.


11:19AM | 11/01/13
Is it normal for a circuit breaker to become warm when the heat is on?


03:40PM | 06/05/14
You have eased my fears! Noticed the molded switch (breaker) and its box felt warm on our a/c air handler. Kind of freaked out for a little bit.


07:15PM | 07/15/20
I just had a ductless heat pump unit installed in a upstairs bonus room, now I notice the breaker box I rather warm to touch, is that normal.

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