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04:41PM | 09/01/06
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I live in a home built in the early 60's. On the outside of the house is a plaque that contains the house numbers and it is wired to provide electricity to 4 tiny light bulbs that light up the house numbers at night. It says "Medallion Homes, live better electrically". The light bulbs screw into two sockets that are set up so that the socket is in the middle and there is a light bulb sticking out of each side. There are two sockets that take a total of four bulbs. I bought a small bulb at the store that says 6V 1.8W Fec. It is about 1 inch total with the part that screws in the socket about 5/8 inch. It fits in but does not work. We had an electrician look at it and he said it is receiving electricity but the bulbs are not lighting up. He said we may need a bulb that is about 16V. Does anybody know where I can buy bulbs of this voltage that are that small?



08:16PM | 09/01/06
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If the plaque is getting power then 6 volt bulbs would have lite, even if for a relatively short period. Did he do a continuity test.

Why the 16 volts?

You might need to get a transformer to power it off of a more conventional voltage.

You need to specify the bulb socket. For a light like you are talking about probably either a minature screw base (much like commonly light bulbs, but much smaller) or SC (single contact) bayonet.

Next the bulb size and shape. Many bulbs are T (tubular), G (globe), and S and B (sorta round) along with a number. The number is the diameter in 1/8 of an inch.

Then the voltage and current

He a the GE catalog of minature bulbs.

Here is are a few that might work in the 12/14 volt range.











Some of these can be gotten from auto supplies stores.

Radio Shack might have some.

An electronic distributor such as Mouser will have a large selection.


11:15PM | 12/03/16
Try 14V .2A miniature T3.25 screw-base tube bulbs from Eiko. Should be a perfect fit and work fine.


11:32PM | 05/12/18
I have the same house number sign:
They use the following
Eiko 40492-10 - 222 Mini Indicator Lamp - 2.25 V - 0.25 Amp - TL3 Bulb - Miniature Screw Base


11:34PM | 05/12/18
Eiko 40492-10 - 222 Mini Indicator Lamp - 2.25 V - 0.25 Amp - TL3 Bulb - Miniature Screw Base


07:35PM | 07/17/18
I went with the Eiko 1497 14v bulb and it works. It is wired into the doorbell transformer hence the 16 volt. Both bulbs had to installed for it to work so trying one would not do the trick.


03:41AM | 08/06/18
House number outside 1970's bulbs


07:25PM | 11/16/18
I have the same sign, I found the bulbs, but the light is still not working. How is this wired?


03:17PM | 04/11/20
They are 1487 bulbs. I have the same fixture


12:48PM | 08/11/20
what are the specs for an appropriate transformer for the Medallion Homes lighted address plaque?


06:15PM | 01/21/21
16 volt doorbell transformer

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