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03:34AM | 12/17/06
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I have been having a fuzzy picture on all channels on my television. It clears up when the cable connection at the outside box is jiggled and apparently disharges some electricity. The cable tv technician said there was electricity on the cable line. He believes it is caused by having my television and vcr plugged into a non-grounded outlet. The outlet is two-pronged and the television and vcr have two-pronged plugs. I think the television or vcr could have some type of short that is sending electricity to the cable. The technician ran a test and said the electrical current on the cable line is coming from inside my house and not from the cable line running to the house. Any thoughts?

Tom O

05:07AM | 12/17/06
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My thoughts are to call an electrician without delay. I do not recommend that you try to troubleshoot this problem on your own.

The problem could be with your TV or VCR, or it could be a problem with the bonding of the incomming CATV line. The shield of the CATV cable is supposed to be bonded to your electrical systems ground. Many times it isn't or possibly there is a problem with the bonding connection.

If the voltage is showing up on the shield, then the metal connector shell at each jack or termination will be energized at a voltage that could be hazardous.



01:29PM | 12/17/06
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The TV and VCR are only two prong plugs. It has nothing to do with two prong receptacles at the TV.

Is the Cable wire grounded to the Ground in the circuit panel or did he drive his own ground rod. They are not allowed be a separate ground rod. His ground must be tied to the ground of electrical panel.


10:14AM | 12/18/06
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I work for the cable company for many years now, It is a ground issue if you have ROLLING lines going up the screen. They will be one solid line or two smaller lines that roll up the tv. If the technician is just removing the cable outside and plugging it back in and it works then it is the "Drop" From the box to your house. Have them replace it, If it is an arial drop it could be squirel chew, if it is underground it good be just worn out. MAKE them run you a new drop, they will not unless you make them.


11:16PM | 12/18/06
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I appreciate all the responses. I will explore all of your recommendations.


12:19PM | 04/12/19
Cable guy said electricity bleeding through cable line also. Our TV just turns off. We wait about 20 seconds and turn it back on. It does it all the time. No problem with picture when it is on. Internet pauses all the time also. Click on something nothing happens for a minute or so. It does this mostly at night. Sometimes every 20 minutes

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