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08:38PM | 12/26/06
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i dont know if this could even be answered without checking my house but this is the problem...

the power here, especially noticable in the winter , dips down approximately every half hour. the power dips enough to cause the lights to dim and sometimes blink.

im not sure if the heater causes it, when it kicks on, or if its something else. also the lights dim, and sometimes actually pulsate when the washer and dryer is on.

the house is over 50 years old and im hoping maybe its just a bad outlet somewhere that is causing a little shortage that can be easily repairable.

any suggestions to how to diagnose the problem, or should we get an electrician in, or any help whatsoever.

thank you.


07:07AM | 12/27/06
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No defective receptacle would cause the different symptoms that you are describing.

You have a loose or poor connection or defective/overloaded transformer.

I would start with the power company.

If they don't find anything then you need an electrican with a voltmeter.


05:22AM | 12/28/06
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How many AMPs is your service panel? 50? 100? My first thought is an underrated service panel for the size of your house. One thing you can do, it try tightening the screws/lugs on all the ground and neutral wires in the panel box. There may be some wires in there with loose connections.


05:27AM | 12/28/06
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Check your ground wire, that's the wire that goes from the panel box to the ground, that connects to a 8 foot pole in the ground. A poor ground would may give the symptoms you described.

If the ground is poor, when a big appliance runs, the voltage has to go somewhere, it could be back feeding on the other circuits, causing the ligths to flicker.


06:28AM | 12/28/06
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Neither the equipment grounding conductor ("the ground") nor the grounding electrode system carries current in normal operation.

If it is carring current then that means that there are other, serious problems, with the electrical system.


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