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05:17PM | 08/27/07
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we just got a kenmore electric dryer that has a 4 prong plug but our house has a 3 prong outlet. What can we do to fix this problem?


07:52PM | 08/27/07
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Older houses (in general before 1996, but some locals this changed earlier), dryers and stove where wired with a 3 wire system (2 nots, and a neutral). Newer house have a 4 wire system (2 hots, neutral, and ground).

Unless the house was wired in conduit then to upgrade the from a 3 wire to 4 wire requires running a new circuit.

However, Dyers and stoves come without a cordset. When installed the correct cordset is connected and the appropriate connnections are made on the appliance.

For a 3 wire connection the 2 outter wires on the cordset connect to the two hot terminals (L1, L2). And the center connects to the neutral (N) terminal.

Also from the N terminal either a jumper goes to the ground (G or green or with a ground symbol) terminal or there is a green wire from the dryer that is connected to the N terminal.

If you look in the Appliance folder Dan to where this has been asked Dan has replied with links showing pictures with the 2 different types of connections.


04:38PM | 08/28/07
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Can we get an adapter for our 4 prong plug to fit into a 3 prong outlet?


04:48PM | 08/28/07
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not that im aware of, and if you could it would probley cost as much or more than a standard three wire pig tail for your dryer, and it would make your dryer stick out from the wall, Bills suggestion of changing the pigtail is the least expensive way to maintain being legal.....


03:53PM | 08/29/07
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"Can we get an adapter for our 4 prong plug to fit into a 3 prong outlet?"

Not that I know of. I don't think such things are made, and wouldn't be very safe anyway.

Basically, the seller delivered your dryer with the wrong cord. (But then, you probably didn't tell them you had a 3-prong dryer outlet.)

Take it back to them (or simply open the back, remove the cord, and take that back to them) and exchange it for the 3-prong type. The store should do this at no charge to you. (Especially if you indicate that you might be replacing some other appliances sometime in the future.)

Most dryers have a wiring diagram inside the back showing how to connect either the 3- or 4-prong cords. If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, you'll need to pay someone from the store or an electrician to come out and connect it for you. But it's really not very hard to do.

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