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06:37AM | 11/28/02
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I am having a builder build my new home. It is almost complete, we are suppose to be days away from closing. The city inspector came out to take a look, and the next thing I know, my builder puts flashing on top of a part of the roof above my Bay window that butts up against the front brick face of the house. Here, take a look:

It may be hard to see from the picture, but the flashing is on top of the brick AND on top of the shingles (above the bay window). Very tacky looking. There is a valley on the roof, right to the left of the garage, you can't see it in the picture, but it too had flashing put on top of the shingles.

I called the city inspector, he said he made a comment to the builder. The builder obviously forgot to install flashing when he was suppose to. It was an oversight. And the City Inspector I am guessing, told him he has to put the flashing on. But instead of tieing it into the brick and putting it lapped under the shingles, they just caulk it up there like that, over the window and in the valley.

Is this a code violation? (Southern building code). I hope so, I am going to try to get them to fix this. It doesn't look good, and everyone I speak to says its bad.

Can someone tell me what I should say to the builder to convince them? My private inspector returns from vacation in a few days and I am going to have him look at this. I am upset, because the builder wants to just paint it, and not even acknowledge that it never should have been done this way. Please, tell me what you think of the situation, was my builder wrong? What would you do.......


Randy Colin

07:21AM | 11/28/02
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signal,I just had my house built this year also and it had some pretty extensive flashing needed.I was'nt quite sure what you meant but I finally saw it. I went outside to look at the flashing above the bay window on my house and it looks exactly like yours. The only difference is that I have copper flashing.I don't believe he has done anything wrong other than to "forget" a very important aspect of roofing.
Appearance wise I can understand your frustration but I believe, by the look of your photo, that all is correct.


10:59AM | 11/30/02
I have looked at your picture and I agree with you that the flashing does look tacky and it also has great potential to leak. This method of flashing is counting largely on caulking to hold out the water that runs down the brick surface. Caulking will deteriorate over time and will need to be re-caulked periodically and will likely become even tackier looking over time. While it may work (for a while) it is NOT the proper way to do it.

It should have been done with step flashing and counter flashing that is turned into the brick mortar joints. It would look much better, (take longer to install) and will last a very long time with no additional maintenance. It also makes replacing the shingles easier in the future.

Get your bank involved and request they hold payment until it is done properly. Any good, professional, roofer will verify what I have said. I would also insist the flashing be done with copper.

If you wish to see my qualifications for making this determination visit my website at: If you need a drawing showing the details of this installation method you can also contact me there through my virtual office.



03:03PM | 12/01/02
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Although this may not leak, it is sloppy workmanship. If you choose not to accept it, the two muscles you have are how your contract was written and the fact that the money is still in your pocket.

If the contract says " accordance with standard practices..." ot something to that effect, you are in the right. One way you could show this is if the extesion over the entry is properly flashed, differently from the bay.


03:25PM | 12/01/02
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The caulking WILL leak! It may take a year but the builder will have your money by then.


03:47PM | 12/01/02
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I just don't understand why the city inspector would not make them fix it right? Our city inspects according to SBCCI Standard Building Code. The code reads that flashing should be "installed in accordance with manufactureres specifications". This is very vaugue, but no doubt the manufacturer, whomever that means, would seat the flashing in the morter joint. I just wish the inspector would not sign off on stuff like that, because he is my best defense to make sure the builder does it right.

I have been trying to research references so I can put in the builders face "see this is how it should be done", but when reading on flashing I am not sure what you call the particular procedure I am looking for. its a brick face, meeting a asphault shingle ledge.

How hard is this to fix? I mean can they just remove the bottom layer or two of bricks and re-morter them, or is this going to be more involved than that?

Maybe I should get some affidavits from licensed roofers as ammo. I also plan to call the roofer who did this roof and ask him "why". How could a roofer forget to put flashing in the brick like that? Which sub does the responsibility lay with?

Brian Feeny

Randy Colin

05:12PM | 12/01/02
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signal, Now I have to agree with the other posters. After reading their posts and looking more closely at your picture then at my house your builders work is definetly on the shady side.Alon with the other suggestions here take a ride around with a camera with a zoom lens and take pictures of houses that are done correctly and show these to the inspector.


11:16AM | 12/04/02
The type of flashing you want is “step flashing w/ counter flashing”.

The mortar joints can be cut out with a diamond saw or grinder, the flashing inserted, and then the joint filled with a good quality caulking. (I recommend urethane caulking.)

Any good roofer will know what I am talking about.



03:59PM | 09/12/21
Tell the builder that you will hold the final payment and hire another contractor to fix this blunder, you will be amazed at how fast it gets fixed.

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