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09:00PM | 12/31/08
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We have a shed that is not attached to our home. The power to the shed is not working. The breaker that it is on also controls one outlet in the kitchen. (A little weird if you ask me.) The outlet in the kitchen works, but not the power to the shed. The only thing we can associate this outage with is the power company changed the type of meter we have on the house. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? Thanks


04:27AM | 01/01/09
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The problem has nothing to do with the power company.

The problem could be at the receptacle where is tapped off. Or at the shed.

You did not indicate the type of wire or cable or how it was run.

But most like that cable or wire has been damaged.

And tapping it off a kitchen receptacle does not meet code. So I would not be surprised to see other short cuts taken in running the circuit.


09:44PM | 01/01/09
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I agree that it seems real unlikely that the power company changing the meter would have anything to do with this.

It could be as simple as one of the wires running to the shed has become loose and lost contact in the back of the kitchen outlet. Turn off the power, test that it's really off, take out that outlet and check that all wires are securely connected.

Or it could be that the wires running from the kitchen to the shed have been cut by an animal (gopher or mole if underground, squirrel if overhead). That may be a bit harder & more expensive to fix. Might require replacing the wires entirely. That will probably require you to bring it up to code, likely running the replacement wires directly from the main box instead of that kitchen outlet.

It probably does meet code now, just because it's 'grandfathered in' -- that was allowed in the code back when it was done (depending on the age of the house). But any change would require you to bring it up to the current code. And you should anyway, for safety sake.

One last idea -- is that kitchen outlet possibly a GFCI type? If so check to see if it just needs to be reset for the shed to work.


06:14AM | 01/02/09
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And not the one in the kitchen? Could be a GFCI receptacle on the house exterior that the shed feed runs from. Just because the kitchen receptacle is on the same circuit doesn't mean that the shed feed comes directly from that receptacle.


07:33AM | 11/30/14
For two years I have palced christmas lights around my yard only to find them not working in the morning when I get up. it looks like someone has literally cut the lights because it is a clean cut. I do know we have moles in our yard and was wondering if you think they could be doing this?


08:37AM | 11/30/14
Probably some jealous neighbor. Get some security cameras and don't tell anyone. You'll be surprised what you see.

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