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three cats

08:50PM | 06/06/10
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I have 2 hardwired lights above my mantle. We are going to replace them. The lights I like (and can afford) are plug-in wall lights (IKEA, Lowe's, Home Depot). My questions: (1) Can a plug-in lamp be changed to a hardwired lamp (these are wall lights)? (2) Where would I learn how to do it? (3) Is it something only an electrician should do? (4) Any idea what it might cost to have an electrician change them for us? My husband will be installing them himself. Thank you for any help! Betty


09:52PM | 06/06/10
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Yes, you can usually convert plugin lights to a wired fixture. Basically. you jut cut the plug off and connect the 2 wires to the wires in the junction box. But you may have a problem with the fixtures themself -- they are probably not designed to be mounted permanently, and that may be hard to fix.

Another option is to change the current hardwired light connections to put a plug there. That may be a good idea for the future -- then you can use any kind of plugin lamp for this, controlled by the existing switch.

three cats

05:44PM | 06/07/10
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Thank you, Tim. Those are great ideas. Thanks for writing. Betty


12:08PM | 03/29/14
Tim, how do I change the hardwired light to an outlet? is it as simple as cutting off the old fixture and using the 2 wires there and hooking them into an outlet?


12:29AM | 01/03/20
what if the lamp is meant to be hanging, but is a plug in instead of hardwired. Can I simply mount it to the ceiling as I would with a hardwired version? What additional items would I need to make it look good?


02:37PM | 04/26/20
Yes. Connect black to black and white to white


02:54PM | 04/26/20
You're a little late on the answer.


05:09PM | 09/22/20
What do you connect the ceiling ground wire to? The fixture has a plug I'm cutting off and only 2 wires.


08:36AM | 10/08/20
Many plug in lights are self grounding. No need for the grounding wire when hard wiring. Just make sure the wires are joined in a junction box and not just dangling around.


01:50AM | 10/18/20
You guys are clueless


07:32AM | 11/07/20
BV023614 Wow what a helpful comment! Clueless eh? Please, please, please enlighten us.


09:54AM | 04/30/21
I think people are wondering : with no ground wire, is there any potential for the fixture to be charged and be shocked when changing light bulb or touching metal part of fixture...etc. Thanks


11:57AM | 07/30/21
The cord was cut off of light and hardwired to outlet. how does this make it run cheaper?


02:21PM | 08/27/21
i purchased a small chandelier from someone. It appears the wire looks like lamp wiring. There is no black and white so im assuming they cut off plug. my question is since both wires look the same does it matter when attaching it to ceiling which goes to black and which goes to white?...there is a ground wire also...


04:41AM | 10/18/21
How do i know what wire goes where like on the prongs wider prong is positive and narrower prong is negative. When i was younger i wanted as many speakers as i could get for that 90's kicken music and i wired all of them because it was common sense, black to black, white, white etc..... but im honestly scared to death im goin to get electricfied(lol)!! So my only fear is that and not to mention burning down my house.....PLZ HELP ME GET THIS RIGHT.
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