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04:15PM | 01/12/03
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We just got a new roof, and I'm wondering if they installed the starter shingles correctly. We got Certainteed's Landmark 30, and for the starter the used a whole shingle (did not cut off the tabs) flipped upside down so that the granules side faces the plywood (tabs facing the eaves). I don't believe this is correct, as the instructions say to cut off the tabs and don't say anything about turning them over. Is this acceptable?

What should I do to have them fix it? Do they need to remove these starters and put in the correct ones? Is the edge of the starter closest to the eave supposed to have a tar line?


06:38AM | 01/13/03
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It's common to use "whole" shingles.
I'm not certain about turning them over. Someone else will know about that.


06:38AM | 01/13/03
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I personaly look at it this way if you cut the tabs off a 3 tab shingle to use as a starter then you have a 7" starter shingle.

If the landmarks that were used on your house are a metric shingle(5 5/8 tab) then where the two shingles meet you only have 1" 3/8 that the water has to travel up to get to your decking.

Years ago it use to be the rule of thumb that the tabs were to be cut off around here in Indiana, now most roofers just use a whole shingle(me included).

The only time I cut the tabs off to get the tar line at the bottom is if it is in a very high wind area.

The certianteed landmarks are one of the best shingles offered today and will offer you years of great use.

As for going back and changing the starters, you will cause your self more trouble than what it is worth. If your roof has already sealed down and you break that seal removing shinles sometimes they wont reseal, and the roofers are too lazy to hand seal them with tar or silicone.

If I can be of anymore help email me at, I dont come here very often so I may not catch your reply to my opions

Good luck

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01:06PM | 01/13/03
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It is pretty common practice to turn over the 'starter' run but they should also be placed 'upside down' so that the tabs are on the up-roof side rather than the down-roof side.


08:49AM | 01/18/03
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Common practice doesn't make it right but I agree that now that it's done, more damage would be done trying o be persnickerty and reverse things.
The main reason for the instructions wanting it done that way is that it resists wind better and looks better. The installer just voided the wind warrantee by not following the manufacturers instructions. That means that he took on the responsibility of replaceing the shingles when they blow off, if they do.
If you can find him then.

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