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1940's Plaster Queen

04:46AM | 05/28/03
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We have a fun and funky 40's kitchen. We painted most of the walls off white and accented with moss green. We taped off the lines and painted away. To my horror, the paint seeped under the tape and we have an ugly mess on our hands. What are my options for cleaning up the lines.?

P.S. We didn't seem to have trouble using the tape in other rooms to protect woodwork or the ceiling.

Jay J

08:25AM | 05/28/03
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It's quite possible you used Masking Tape instead of Painter's Tape. Painter's Tape, I know, is labeled on the INSIDE of ths tape spool. Painter's Tape is designed to NOT bleed.

To fix your problem, you my have only 1 option. Try taping a straight line (using the Painter's Tape as your straight line) OVER TOP OF the green tape. This way, you can 'protect' the moss green color and have a straight line to use as a 'guide' when you apply the off-white. Prime/Seal the area to be painted with a LIGHT coat. Do NOT apply a heavy coat! Let dry and apply a LIGHT coat of top paint w/a 1/2" roller. Remove the tape CAREFULLY and IMMEDIATLY after you paint by pulling the tape in the direction of the painted surface, not the other way around. The only nuance that you want to look for is if you have a 'lip' of paint between the 2 colors, where you primed and painted. If it's not that noticable, fa'get about it. If it's really noticible, start over from scratch by priming the dark surfaces and going from there.

My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: God Bless America!

1940's Plaster Queen

06:27AM | 05/29/03
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Thanks for the help.

We did use painter's tape, however I think one brand was better than the other. I will try removing the tape immediately. Let's see if that makes a difference. :-)


01:13PM | 05/29/03
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What you need to do is use the painters tape (either blue or green) - after it is up - run a spoon along the edge where you are going to apply the paint.

Do this lightly - with your thumb in the spoon. Immediately paint that area - and remove the tape - your line should be nice and clean.

You don't mention if you are cutting in? If you are - a good brush and good techigue work much better than tape - notice painters don't actually use tape unless they are doing graphics or something similar...

Mr. Paint


02:48AM | 05/31/03
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The tape you want to use is #2080 from 3M as it is rated to go over 1 day old paint. I have sold different brands and 3M is the best.

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