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07:12AM | 06/14/03
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We painted a room with the brown Ralph Lauren River Rock paint last year and get a very bad smell from the walls every time it gets humid. Any ideas why and any ideas on how to get rid of it?


09:21AM | 06/14/03
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Hi.........did the paint smell bad when you applied it?

If it didn't - I doubt it is the paint. If paint doesn't smell off when it is applied - once it is dry there is nothing left to smell bad - all of the liquids evaporate.

If you have an old house - it may just smell when it is damp. Our house is 160 yrs - it has all kinds of funky odors when it is damp.

You might want to check that you don't have any water leaks from roof or pipes near there. Also check the carpet

Mr. Paint


03:13PM | 06/14/03
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Doubts its the paint,good way to tell is get a board apply some to it let it sit for few day's,upstairs someplace dry,if it smells moldy or funny other than a paint smell.I have only gotten one batch of bad paint ever.So the likely hood of this happening is extermely rare.
Where at in the house is the room or what room is it?


07:15PM | 05/23/15
Don't buy this paint. I'm having the same terrible experience w/ Ralph Lauren paint. It smells like vomit. No, it didn't smell while painting, but afterwards. I used it for the bathroom and thought if was something from under the house that smelled bad eventually the smell dissipated but then I painted a couple of walls in another part of the house a different color, and have tried everything remove the smell. I'm sure it's the paint now and it has been over a month and I'm still living w/ this awful smell. I've left all the windows open for days at a time and used an ozone machine and nothing helps.


08:35AM | 06/17/15
We used suede paint 6 weeks ago and cannot get rid of the odor. We have tried all of the recommended ways to get rid of these fumes. Nothing helps. We are having the room reprinted and having an odor and bacteria blocking primer used first to see if it helps and have another brand of paint used a few days later. If it still stinks after the primer dries we will have no choice but to remove the walls and start from scratch. Anyone with a similar experience??


11:19AM | 08/10/15
WE ARE LIVID!! PROFFESSIONALLY PAINTED OUR NEW RETIREMENT HOME WITH RALPH LAUREN BRILLIANT WHITE PAINT FROM HOME DEPOT.It has been 2 weeks and our home still WREAKS OF VOMIT. It did not go on walls welL,it took twice the paint that it had taken in the past when we used it years before. LIVID !!!!!

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