09:49AM | 07/20/13
I've the same problem. It is not the sewer. It is the exterior paint. I accidently painted my bedroom with it. I painted over with interior paint, but an upper level stripe is still visible because I liked the color..... and it stinks... as soon it's warm, windows open and the air humid. It makes me headache. It sucks and so I ve to think about a solution too.


09:23PM | 02/14/14
Would someone comment on paints labeled exterior/interior. I believe Kiltz has a dual paint as well True Value or Ace hardware. I have lived in my house over 50 years. Read labels followed directions. Almost always got paint odors for a few days after painting. I have used small amounts of ext paint in my cellar workshop, as in wiping a paint brush that I had used painting outside. No ill effects noticed. My reason for visiting, I have extra Bengy Moore white ext paint and was thinking of using some on my cellar ceilings.
If I were to do this, it would be in the winter with my pellet stove operating. Room temp 70's and humidity aout 30%. I would try a small area and see what transpires. I am thankful for the advisories. I also realize there are many variables so I will proceed with caution.


07:12PM | 05/05/14
Honestly, cleanedge. You need to give it up and get a life. You seem to have a deep rooted personal vendetta against Homebld. Very strange and elaborate posts. Maybe have your meds adjusted, man.

Oh, and good luck correcting all the bad info on the internet, dude.


08:31AM | 03/20/15
This is very dated discussion, but I'm grateful to have found it. I have the same problem in the back stairwell of my duplex, and it's been baffling me for years. Now that I have read this, I have a new working theory. A couple of years after I moved in a hot water valve burst in my unheated basement. It was winter, and so there was an incredible amount of steam that went right up the stairwell (also unheated), causing the paint on the walls to crack and peel. I scraped off the peeled paint, but never repainted. Now that I think about it, that's about when the problem started. I'll repaint this spring, and report the results here.


07:11PM | 10/20/15
Check your garburator. When we first moved into our house, there were stinky coverups all over the house including inside the toilets, on the toilet rolls. Pretty well everywhere imaginable. When we initially went into the house, both times she was either cooking with onions or had just finished cooking with onions. We got rid of all the coverups and 'garbbed' a lemon plus bottle brushed the inside of the garburator - the stink totally disappeared and has not been back since.


09:28AM | 04/19/16
I think it is a good paint it will dry and cure its know diffrence than u seing oil paint on cabinets trim etc.


12:01AM | 06/15/16
I've used exterior trim paint on my interior trim for 20 years because it easier and better and retains it's color and lustre longer that is the only reason,with no smells or health problems. Ad for interior walls I've only recently used exterior flat paint because I figure it is more resistant to repeted cleanings without losing it's color or any lustre if you use any satin or semi gloss or higher gloss,and it should be more resistant to fading from sun and uv light. They are the only reasons I use it indoors. By the way why all the fighting between responders? The original poster and many of us just want to know if it's bad and we still don't know if it shouldn't be used indoors. They do make interior/exterior paint which is what I've been using on my interior trim for 20 years "not strictly exterior paint",didn't mean to mislead you on that point.


08:20AM | 11/15/16
I painted my closet with exterior paint yesterday. The smell is still very bad. Should I repaint it with interior paint? If the paint is alright can I put clothes back in this closet, etc? I actually spilled the can off the ladder and I was covered in paint along with the hardwood floors. Do I have to do anything regarding the floors now. I used vinegar and a brillo pad to get it off, but you can still see paint in the wood. The floors are over 60 years old.

I am really worried about my dog.

Thanks for your help in this matter.
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