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06:38AM | 11/08/04
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I've just had the unfortunate experience of having a contractor plaster and sand a room without closing it off and covering the floor.

There is now a fine layer of plaster dust on the hardwood floors throughout the house. Despite extensive vacuuming and damp moping with water and Murphy's Oil, plaster dust remains on the floors.

Should I expect to have to repeatedly damp mop as above and towel dry the floors in attempt to remove the suspended dust or is there possibly a more effective approach to this situation?


04:45AM | 11/09/04
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Two cups of white vinegar in a gallon of warm water.

Sponge-mop the solution onto a small area of the floor and then dry the area completely with a towel. (Mop should have excess water squeezed out before applying.)

Change the water/vinegar solution when it starts to become cloudy. Change towels as they become too damp to dry the floor easily.

My floors are now clean and shiny once again.

Many thanks to Twelve Pole, Inc. for this suggestion.


05:49PM | 11/14/04
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I'll second the white vinegar solution

Excellence is its own reward!


03:49PM | 04/28/15
I need help removing diatomaceous earth from my hardwood floor please help. i cleaned it with water and it left a residue of white layer on my floor and it looked real bad


11:19PM | 09/04/15
Did you find a solution for theDiatomaceous Earth dust? Its awful..


05:33PM | 03/19/16
Need a solution for Diamatceous Earth on hardwood too... what a disaster


02:36PM | 06/01/16
I am trying to clean railings in an area that was spackle do. The spackle has
Dried and I cannot scrape or the paint will come off the
Metal railings. Can I use vinegar to soften up spackle and then remove
With a tooth pick or wooden paint stick?


12:38AM | 10/17/16
I used the vinegar and water solution posted above for Diamatceous Earth on hardwood floors and it worked great!


04:18PM | 11/15/18
Cleaning vinegar or white distilled vinegar?


01:52PM | 11/16/18
I just had the same problem I used a soft sos pad, I wet it damp and put under the top of the I was wearing and I lightly rubbed it over the white patches. Keep some water near to keep the sos pad most, do this a section at a time. Also have a clean mop, one that You did not mop the plaster dust with before and mop using warm water. It did get all the plaster residue out of the wood. The floor does look back to normal just dull. So Im gonna try Quick shine to see if it puts the shine back. Haven't tried it yet though.


10:20PM | 03/13/20
The texture is dried on 60 year old floors! I am scared to damp mop it because some of it has bulked from having water on it! The texture is thick like paint! Any suggestions? This is a house my daddy had built for us over 60 years ago!


03:13PM | 05/02/21
ji and of k 6'3

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