05:45PM | 07/23/05
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our condominum building, located in southern california, near the ocean is badly in need of resurfacing.

the stucco is in decent shape but there are many cracks to be repaired, in some areas down to the base coat. there is also some leaking that is occurring.

the contractors we have consulted have provided inconsistent advice.

some say that texcote is the only way to go.

others say elastomeric paint is the best option.

can someone explain the difference and the pros and cons of each ?



04:32AM | 07/30/05
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The texcote product is an elastomeric product just under a different name.

You need to go to a paint store in your area and have a rep from that company come out and spec out this job and you don't want to rely on just anyone to do this on this type of job. An elastomeric coating sounds like what you need on this project.


04:44AM | 09/30/05
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I would like to offer suggestions.

First, a painting store does not carry industrial coating systems. They carry paint which will never last more than eight years. most cases you will begin to deal with massive failure on the surface of stucco within two to four years. When this happens, you will be faced with more costs to try to remover the old paint than it cost to apply it in the first place. NEVER PAINT STUCCO! You have no idea of the damage to the look of your units and the cost of restoring the walls down the road.

Second, an elastomeric is the right direction, However, the name brand that you are asking about is sold by a distributor who sells one thing, and one thing only. Of course it is the solution for all your problems (it's all he has). With this company, as well as all others, you need to do a little background search. Right on this site, you will find a forum which allows people to comment on certain products or techniques. If you type in that company name and/or "liquid siding" or "liquid vinyl" you will be faced with some rather negetive advice as to the product you are asking about. Maybe thousands of complaints overall. You need to get away from the hype of "one solution" and check out all of the players. Watch for negetive press, but also watch for no press at all. Often, the low class players in the elastomeric industry are prone to change names, even three times in five years, and corp. identity for their protection. There is a lot of history in this industry, you need to get around the "also ran" players and get to the meat of the industry. If you do, you will end up with a Canadian product, as they invented the stuff. A few exist. As Peter Drucker says, "any newer technology brings with it a rush of "also rans" and then 25 years down the road, most are gone. This will be the case for elastomerics in the U.S. Unfortunatly, all the half wits will destroy this industry if people such as yourself don't remain vigilant. What happens is the "also ran" will decide he can create his own product and/or goes to the paint industry for his formulation. The U.S. paint industry will not formulate a long lasting coating system, even if they knew how to. Watch what you look at! Don't buy a suspect product! Follow science and require tested and MPI listed elastomeric coating systems with an acrylic base. Don't fall for a high stretch product ("it has a high stretch rate and stretches 600%)they don't allow natural vapor transmission!!!

Finally, as I stated, and elastomeric is the solution, but it needs to be able to transfer water vapor through it's rather durable skin. If not, it will bubble under hydrolic forces. Also, I said it would be Canadian because there are only two products like this which are tested and listed for government work etc. one has been around since 1960 and one since 1973, both have good track records, but the newer one has a direct sales force like the product you inquired about and would be 30% more expensive to cover commissions etc.

Lastly, expect to pay 3 times and more than paint. It will last many more times longer than paint so it will pay for itself over time, but don't paint. Either re-plaster or go with a quality elastomeric. Any questions please call 435-640-0283 and I'll give you the entire scoop


Mark Hedden



03:51PM | 10/25/06
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You appear to be well versed on the subject. I am secretary/treasurer of a condominium on Vancouver Island by the ocean. We are considering elastomeric paint for our building. I want to make sure we have the right specifications. Have you any ideas about this? thanks a lot.


08:11PM | 04/29/15
If I understand correctly texcote and elastomeric paint are the same thing, right? What are the best brands of elastomeric paint? Also I have been told over and over not to paint stucco but to either restucco (which is pretty costly) or to apply a fog coat. Is it better to apply elastomeric paint or a fog coat? My stucco is in pretty good shape just a few cracks. We mostly want to change the color of the house and give it a fresh look. So texcote, fog coat, elastomeric paint? What is my best option and do you have any brands that you would recommend?


12:28AM | 06/24/15
I just had a sales rep for CLEARVIEW ENERGY SOLUTIONS come over today to give me the demo for TEX COTE for my stucco, and the first price quoted to me was $20,000, and finally got price down to $13,220 which STILL seems like much to expensive for me.

Supposedly this is a government approved program that gives you some tax rebate on the extra cost you incur on your property tax bill. and the loan comes from what is referred to as the HERO program..20 year to pay off thru property taxes ????

I am getting cold feet because I am a senior citizen just barely squeaking by on social security. I am afraid I could lose my home by doing this, and I feel I should cancel. Any suggestions or thoughts on this????


11:27PM | 03/12/16
i just had a saleman leave my house , he show us how better it will be to use texcote the new stuff they call cool texcote my house is 2900 sg ft in side and 4,ooo out side he went to charge us 12.000 for the job is that a fair price also u little fear of this new type of paint , we live in caif i change my color to white it is now peach tell me what to do, oh by way the company make great windon, they did my window 10 year ago , i was very pleSE, I AM GOING WITH HERO PROGRAM HELP BEFORE I SIGN THE PAPER VA.


03:29AM | 07/27/16
Did you go through with it? I am in a similar situation


03:11PM | 10/01/16
Do not use the HERO program to borrow money for these products. You will pay a 4.99% initiation fee as well as 8.99% interest rate for 20 years. It will add thousands of dollars per year to your property tax bill. It is not a government program and you do not receive any help with the payments and they are not tax deductible.

Check out the website:

SLAP stands for Self-imposed Liens Against Property. By using a SLAP loan like HERO you are just shifting the very expensive costs from a typical home loan to your property taxes. Only about 1/3 of these SLAP homes are able to sell. Most buyers will not accept an additional lien on a property before they buy. You most likely will have to pay it off first, to sell.

For various reasons most lenders will not loan to pay off these SLAP assessments. Some sellers are caught in limbo.

For more information, including two investigative reports into SLAP loans, go to

Good luck.
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