06:50AM | 06/04/07
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Hello all!!

This is my first post here, I'm hoping you can help with your advice.

10 weeks ago I had a room painted by a professional painter. The paint used was Behr.Latex. Very deep, dark colors ( Sycamore Tree- green & Peaceful Night- navy )

At 3 weeks I contacted Behr to let them know the odor had not dissipated. They told me to put fans in the room, maybe bowls of vinegar, good ventilation. I told them I had good ventilation & fans in the room already. As long as the windows were all open it was okay. As soon as I closed the windows...the fumes were horrible. I stated my concern that this odor wasn't gonna go away. At that point a second person took the phone call and offered me a refund for the paint. That seemed strange to me. I wasn't asking for a refund. Told them I was looking for a solution.

I was told to give it a few more weeks to 'cure". I agreed to that.

We had beautiful dry weather, windows were open, fans going all was well. We get a cold snap, windows closed, the fumes are overpowering.

Call Behr again. The guy brings up my file. Is surprised that the odor persists. Tells me that the drapes, carpet, bedding could be holding the odor. Nope I tell him, only hardwood floors and wooden furniture in the room. He then suggests that I wash the walls& ceiling with a mild detergent to remove residue.

I asked if he really thought that would help. He hedged. He then told me that the only way to truly remedy the problem is to paint over all of it with an oil based primer followed by latex paint. I told him I would try washing the walls down. Which I no avail. Absolute waste of time. The odor persists. The hot weather seems to be making the fumes worse.

I will be phoning him about my refund, my question is this...Am I entitled to have Behr pay the painter for repainting the room as well as the paint refund? They so quickly offered me a refund that I'm thinking there must be an ongoing problem with this deep base. I really didn't feel like I was the first person they had spoke with about this problem.

Just wanted to hear what you'se guys think about it.Also, do you think the oil based primer solution will fix the problem ?

Thanks in advance!



02:45AM | 06/07/07
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Is it a regular paint smell or is it a sour milk kind of smell?


02:51PM | 06/08/07
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The fumes are paint/chemical. Burns the eyes and throat.

Not a trace of sour milk.

Thanks for the reply!


05:22PM | 06/13/07
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...and what would it mean if it were a sour milk smell?


12:23PM | 11/10/15
A week after priming and painting my son's bedroom, the smell was still overwhelming, even after using fans and opening windows everyday. After reading lots of ideas from others with the same problem, I used this solution: I closed off the room for 2 days and ran a small space heater for about 10 hours a day in an effort to "bake" the paint to be sure it was completely dry. I also put 2 large Moso Bamboo Charcoal bags (from The Container Store) in the room to absorb the odors.
The heater caused temperatures to reach as high as 95. I turned the heater off at night and with normal furnace use the room stayed at about 75 degrees. The smell traveled just a little to other parts of the house, but the room was already smelling so much better. On the third day I removed the heater and opened all the windows and turned on all the fans in the whole house (I got lucky with a 50+ degree day in early November.) I left the house for about 8 hours and let the whole house air out.
This process made a HUGE difference in the room and there is very little odor left at all. I have been accused of having a Super Sniffer nose, and this really worked for me. No resealing or repainting, thank goodness!


03:53PM | 06/05/16
I also had a lingering paint fumes problem in my master bathroom. Here's the story: In November 2015 I painted my master bedroom Behr Latex Interior Eggshell in "Cottage White" color. The bedroom took 3 coats and aired out completely within a few days with 3 windows and a fan working. Then couple of days later I painted my master bathroom with the leftover bedroom paint, and when I ran out I bought another gallon of the same paint. THAT'S the gallon that caused all the problems. I painted 3 coats in the bathroom where there's a small window and a floor fan running for ventilation. Fast forward to June, 2016 the smell in the master bathroom is STILL there! It's this sweet bitter chemical paint smell. With window open 24/7 and a windy weather it seems better but once the wind dies down or we need to close the window, the smell is unbearable. I tried so many things to get rid of it. Plus, we left on a week vacation and I forgot to close the bathroom doors and the smell transferred to a master bedroom and I believe soaked into the carpet. We rented carpet cleaning vacuum, I used multiple powders, ventilation - nothing is working to get rid of the smell.. anywhere. I called the Behr company and the only thing they can do is do a refund for a Kilz Primer and another gallon of Behr paint which we need to purchase. They said the reason for the smell could be the paint freezing or something on the way to the store. This has been a nightmare smelling the sick paint smell for MONTHS and despising your own house. We're planning on priming, repainting the bathroom in hopes of killing the smell. As for the bedroom I have no idea, because we cannot afford to replace the carpet.


01:21AM | 04/23/17
Six months after painting an upstairs bedroom with latex paint, the smell was still strong in spite of open windows and a fan. Perhaps I put the second coat on without waiting for four hours for it to dry completely as I was in a hurry to get it done. I turned up the heat as high as it would go (baseboard heaters) to about 85 deg. F and left it five days. The smell completely disappeared. I opened the window and put a fan on for a couple of hours to dissipate the heat and the smell did not return. I also had a couple of bowls of vinegar and baking soda but I think these were unnecessary.


09:28AM | 06/12/18
I purchased the Behr paint from Home Depot as well, had it tinted by them and painted a bedroom in April 2018. Today is June 12, 2018 and the smell is still there! After a week I went to Home Depot to ask them about the lingering smell and they couldn't tell me anything. Said it probably hadn't dried completely yet. I have had the ceiling fan going, windows open all day, etc. and the smell is still there. Now I'm told to use kilz and repaint the room. Glad they think it's just that easy to spend that kind of money to re-paint a room. I won't purchase Behr ever again.


02:23PM | 07/08/18

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