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07:36PM | 04/28/99
We have a 6 year old house that has a few nails popping up under the vinyl floor in the kitchen. What are we supposed to do about this situation? Do we have to go down to the floorboards and fasten them down without nails and put down new vinyl?


05:05AM | 04/29/99
My vinyl installer told me if that happen to put a wood board over a thick towel and tap them back down. Doesn't seem to be a permanent solution to me, but what do I know.


02:19PM | 04/29/99
Jimt is correct. That will not be a permanent solution. You can pound them back in, but in time they will work loose again. Whenever you remove the vinyl flooring in the future, you will have to remove the nails permanently. What you are blessed with is poor workmanship.

Just a few reasons why they pop:
Missed the floor joist....
Regular nails instead of annular ring....
Bad wood....

If they turn out to be regular nails, you will have to remove every one of them before you install the new flooring, or you will end up with the same scenerio..........


09:11PM | 04/14/14
ours is a new vinyl floor so whats the answer to the nails popping up ? im not about to replace the floor again. do we do the towel and board every so often or what. floor was done thru insurance because of house fire.


10:03PM | 02/23/15
I have the same problem with staples popping up, at least 12 are doing it and some have come all the way through leaving a hole. We have only been in the house for 7 months and it is a new house. I have had to pull them out because, me, my wife and kids are stepping on them. I think more are going to be doing it in the future. I have the floor warranty people coming out to take a look at it.


12:50AM | 02/24/15
hello Guys If your planning to make a changes in regard to your vinyl floor pls. check this out it can help you a lot


02:07PM | 11/25/19
Mostly caused by moisture content of OSB sub-floor.
The underlayment is installed while the OSB is over saturated with moisture. Once the house HVAC is running, the moisture leaves the subfloor (from 24% to 6%) and shrinks, creating a space between the 2 sub-striates.
The up and down movement, pushes the fasteners up till it punctures the sheet vinyl.
Poor acclimatization.

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