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09:25AM | 01/25/04
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I have a silly sounding question. What does a "full gutter system" exactly mean? Does having a full gutter system in any way imply that the downdpouts extend into the ground and leading the drain water far away from the foundation?



06:41PM | 01/25/04
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How was the term used?

It sounds to me like the gutters are full of leaves and debris and need to be cleaned out.


03:48AM | 01/26/04
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I am looking at buying a home and it ("full gutter system") is listed as a feature of the home. The owner or his representative is not available immediately to answer the question.



05:27AM | 01/26/04
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I suspect it's marketing-speak for "there are gutters on all the eaves".


05:25PM | 01/30/04
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It could mean there is some type of leaf protection. The leaves wash off your roof. The gutter is covered by metal. As the rain washes down the leaves fall over the edge while the rain water follows the curve of the metal. You should be able to see this from the ground if that's what it is. This product is called Gutter Helmet in Michigan and I'm sure there are many other brands.

Where do the downspouts lead? If they go into the ground are they piped into the the sewer or are they just buried under ground for 10 or so feet where they bubble up to ground surface. The latter is crap. If you move into this house plan on buying new downspouts if it's in a cold climate. They will freeze all winter long.

They could have also piped the rainwater into a (french basin?) That is fancy for a tank buried in the ground which collects the rain and lets it soak into the ground. I don't know much about those. In Michigan the seller's disclosure lists any buried tanks. Check that.

Good luck,

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