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06:00AM | 08/27/01
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I was given several pieces of marble countertop for free. THey are ofcourse the
wrong size, so I was wondering if someone could tell me what type of saw/blade do I need to cut them?


Jay J

09:21AM | 08/27/01
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Hi corwyn,

I suggest that if you don't want to damage the marble, find a Fabrication Shop and pay a few $$$s to have them cut for you. Since you got the pieces for free, spend some of that saved $$$ on a professional cutting job. It will be money well spent.

Ask them to be polished AND 'edged' too (so you don't cut yourself.)

My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: Once you see the equipment the Pros use to cut the stuff, you'll appreciate their experience with the material. It's not that easy to work with (especially for an amature, me included.)

Jay J -Moderator


04:04AM | 06/17/07
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I also have some countertop. Not sure if it is marble or not. Seems to have a marble glaze on top, but bottom doesn't look like marble. I need to find out how to cut it. What blade?

Thank You!!


08:15AM | 06/17/07
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you nees a diamond blade and water to prevent burning and menting the blade.

the pros use professional wet saws made for the task and you can probably get a local stone or time contractor to cut them for you.

Dont make the mistake of using a ircular saw with a diamong blade and using a hose to squit water on it becasue a machine not made for water applications isnot sealed to prevent eletrocution from the water.

you can also probably rent a professional stone cutting wet saw setup at a local equipent rental facility, but I would seriously consider getting a local stone fabricator to cut them for you.



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12:01AM | 10/02/13
We are purchasing an antique vanity with a marble top. We are planning to use as bath vanity, with sink under mounted ,...
Is it possible to cut this antique marble top without fracturing or breaking?
Thank you,


05:00PM | 03/13/14
im a contractor and I half to cut out a piece of marble countertop already installed piece is 45" long by 2 feet out already supported underneath and I already have a circular wet saw to do the job just wondering how to cut at end when approaching the wall without chipping counter top

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