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09:50AM | 03/22/02
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I have a friend that I am going to tile his basement floor for. The basement has a fireplace in it with a half-circle hearth in front of it that I will have to tile aginst.

What kind of tool can I use to cut the partcial circles on the tile with?

Thanks for the help in advance guys.

Jason Lee


12:55PM | 03/22/02
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Couple of questions????
How big of tiles? What kind? What is the radius of the hearth?
If the tile is 6-8" and the hearth is not a tight radius you can make straight cuts at an angle the grout will fill it.

If the tile is large (12") you can cut with a jig saw and a tile cutting blade. Or nibble out the waste by cutting the tile every 1/2" up to your radius line and break out the waste. You will have to do some clean up on the edge.


06:02PM | 03/22/02
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Sorry I should of know better....they are 12 X 12 ceramic tiles. I need some thing better than nipping the radis away with tile nippers.

I figured there was a saw or toor that would cut it, just didnt know which one would. The last thing I want to do is ask some kid at home depot what he thinks Because then I will have a tool that is useless and be mad at the same time


01:40PM | 03/23/02
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You could also try to find a stained glass shop with a diamond bandsaw or ring saw.

Weekend Warrior

02:56PM | 08/11/03
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Your best bet would be to find a sheetmetal or stained glass shop, or any other type of shop with a waterjet cutter.

It will cut anything (and I do mean anything) using a combination of high pressure water (55,000psi) and garnet dust if necesssary.

The cuts wil be completely clean as the machine ic computer controlled. For best results instruct the shop to start their path off of the tile to eliminate any cracking during the initial puncture.


05:14AM | 08/13/03
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The best way to cut ceramic tiles at a radius is with a diamond blade wet saw. Put the line on your ceramic with a wax pencil. This will make it so the water will not wash away your mark. Then make repetetive cuts to that line much like the teeth on a comb. Then break off the "ceramic teeth" and clean up the edge with your diamond blade.

It's time consuming but accurate.


Graham Flooring

04:53PM | 08/13/03
wow! 3 replies and no one mentions a angle grinder with a 4" dry cut blade?

I thought everyone used that for toilets, water pipes, And yes, circular hearths.

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