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01:36PM | 04/28/02
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Vinyl Flooring on Shower Walls?

I am in the process of redoing a shower stall; it is oversized and haven't found any surrounds that will fit. The old walls were tile but I don’t want tile again. Because of a crack that went unnoticed until pieces of tile fell off I have to replace the 2X4's as well as the drywall. What I would like to do after that is cover the walls with vinyl floor covering, has anyone ever tried this or is it a really stupid idea? I am just trying to find out if it is doable before I make a costly mistake. Thanks.


05:54PM | 03/21/14
Can i use luxury lifetime warranty waterproof vinyl sheet flooring on my shower walls? Instead of tile?


07:21PM | 04/14/16
well, the most popular answer will be no, but they make vinyl tiles in Europe and it appears that they hold up very well..
Everyone will say to ceramic tile, but more moisture is absorbed through the grout than will every leak thru a vinyl click tile...
I will not ceramic tile again....tired of moldy grout and mold growing behind it in the walls...
but don't listen to me....I used cedar in our other shower and everyone said bad idea.....that was 30 yrs ago and it still looks brand new...only had to redo wood once in 30 yrs with the marine clear.


04:31PM | 10/05/16
Bvo11260: what type of clear did you use for your cedar shower?


12:10PM | 04/29/18
I say yes. the same as vinyl tile but with solid coverage..i think it would work great.


03:51PM | 06/30/18
I want to know the same thing. I volunteer for animal rescue groups and one in Macon, Ga was given a 1992 marathon motorhome by cobra ( btw, I have not been able to find any type of book or operation, owner's manual).
I volunteered to help I am left to do it.
So, the bedroom is going to be the Kennel station for transports and adoption days. I am at the point of installation. I have never put tile in and I don't want to learn on a job that I am left alone to do.
I saw somewhere during my surfing search for water proof material for bathrooms, an underlinement for a shower, but it was in a kit. It was self adhesive. Then there are mold resistant tiles... Can I put vinyl on the wall s and floor, to the point that it can be hosed down. And do you know of a material that is cost efficient....
What if I put the stick on tiles on and used the clear waterproofing sealant for stucco?
Help me out man. I want to do a great job... And get it done quickly.


09:42AM | 08/04/18
I just remodeled my bathroom and used vinyl plank flooring on the walls. So happy I did looks amazing! I did test adhesion before I began because I went over existing old tile. Also the plank I purchased had the pad on it, and that brought concern. Another thing I did to be sure it stuck, was rough up the surface and knock down the high areas using a grinder with a tile blade. I also back angle cut all corners and ends to make sure not to see the clip together sides, and make room for caulk. Also before you begin to glue planks prepare some wood pieces to wedge in to hold it while it dries. It takes some prep time but the result is a beautiful shower surround built with wood tools!


12:58PM | 10/19/18
BV017055 - Any updates on how the showering is holding up? How do you clean it and how well does it clean? Any suggestions for someone considering this? Any picture Sa?


09:01PM | 11/06/18
I’m wanting to use LVP for a shower surround. What do you suggest putting behind it? I’m thinking felt paper


12:22PM | 03/02/19
Sure why not. I have a 1972 mobile home with exactly ( linoleum) that used as tub surround. Over 40 yrs. old. Going to change to new linoleum as its outdated, only reason for change.


09:03PM | 05/08/19
Used luxury vinyl plank, worked awesome and i think it came out great. It's basically bulletproof. Just be careful choosing adhesive. Make sure you have one that will work with your product.


08:51PM | 06/28/19
Can I use the following waterproof laminate in a shower stall
waterproof P
Item UV92200805


08:30AM | 10/20/19
What kind of glue should you use.


10:39PM | 04/01/20
I used sheet vinyl on the shower walls of my rental 4 years ago and haven't had any problems. Actually looks pretty good too. The tenants loved it. I used cove mold on the the ends and the corners to give it a finished look. Definitely waterproof


06:22PM | 04/22/20
I am about to do this as well to my slower wall. I can't find any videos or pictures of how people have done this. Any tips please.


11:46AM | 05/29/20
I have been looking high and low for an answer to the question that was posed at the beginning of its post. Can I use vinyl plank flooring as a tub shower surround? I am going to try it as I am doing this myself and I do not have a lot of tools nor do I have a lot of money also. I was thinking of putting marine deck paint underneath the vinyl planks to help waterproof it I just don't know if the water will get between the planks or if there's some caulking or something that I should be doing between the planks any ideas ? Thanks


11:38PM | 06/07/20
BV017055 - PLEASE send pics and tell us how it's holding up! And also @BV011260 - pics of your cedar shower.. were they interlocking boards or just strips? What did you put between the boards to keep water out if they weren't interlocking. Great idea!!! Stain or no stain?


02:01PM | 06/08/20
I came here to look for answers on the vinyl shower. Now, I'm curios about the cedar shower.


05:32PM | 09/05/20
I will start putting Vinyl flooring (from a roll), on my bath-shower walls.
The guy at the store did not agree with my project, but multiple sources that works in the constructions field, told me that it should be fine.
I have 3 panels (one for each wall) that way I'll minimise the joints i'll have to silicone (I'll have the ceiling and the 2 corners).
Wish me luck!


02:36PM | 09/17/20
if putting sheet vinyl on shower wall, do you use regular adhesive?


06:05PM | 10/19/20
Does anyone have advice on the best adhesive to use, especially when using vinyl flooring planks? Thanks!


09:30PM | 10/30/20
My vinyl planks will not stick to walls. They come pre glued & i purchased construction adhesive but the two will not bond. What glue will work with thes (Traffic Master) tiles. Anyone know?


03:25AM | 10/31/20
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Many people choose vinyl flooring to their walls as a design technique. This can bring a fresh take on your existing décor. It’s pretty affordable and easy to use, which makes it a nice alternative to tile and other materials. And this can also make the walls easier to clean.


03:25PM | 11/14/20
can i use sheet vinyl on the bathroom walls? will not be using in the shower though. new shower has a three panel surround,
thank you for any advice!
Chuck D.


10:06AM | 12/01/20
I’m a remodel contractor who’s considering luxury vinyl planks or tile for my own shower in a guest suite. For shower walls, most of my customers choose solid surface (LG Hymacs or similar) by a local manufacturer which are probably the best, but start at $2800 installed. MSI is the only Luxury vinyl manufacturer who suggests application for shower walls. Two things I strongly recommend if considering:
1. What’s behind the finish shower walls is just as important that the final surface. Denssheild with silicone and Redguard is my typical preferred products. Whatever you choose has to be quality with all joints,seams, and fasteners detailed perfectly. Tile backer manufacturer’s like Scheuletter and Kerdi have great products out there too. Details, details, details.Your shower system should be able to function perfectly, waterproofed, with no finish covering. Other than that, you have a good looking shower that is slowly (or rapidly) failing behind the scene. I’ve removed lots of poorly built shower systems, anywhere from 5-25 years old.
2. The LVT/LVP product you choose can have different results. I’ve noticed a lot of cheaper, failed luxury vinyl floors in the past decade. Choose a product that is temperature stable, typically approved for application over radiant heat. Coretec lines and Mannignton’s Adura Max are two we’ve used on many floors and highly recommend, however, I don’t know that either manufacturer would recommend it for shower walls. One of those will be my go to if I choose to do it.
Good Luck.


08:04PM | 01/13/21
I'm looking here for an answer to using sheet vinyl flooring as a shower surround for a cabin. Would like to know what kind of adhesive to use and if any other support such as fasteners or screws at the top are needed in addition to adhesive. Seem to be finding many others wanting to do this same thing, but absolutely no answers. Am I missing something on this site?


10:46PM | 01/17/21

Made for showers, they have rec. for both glue to wall, and sealant between tiles, lowes, menards, or amazon.


09:58AM | 02/14/21
So when we are glueing LVP flooring to steps, we use Titebond Weatherseal caulk adhesive. Translucent. It bounds to just about any clean surface. We use the translucent because it covers better than a clear. Use it to glue the floor down and then to seal around the edges against the stringers. I haven't used this in a shower yet, but weatherseal is just about indestructable.


02:01AM | 02/15/21
My shop office has a vinyl plank wall. Not a shower surround but it's still a vinyl plank wall! I love how it turned out.


03:42AM | 02/20/21
Just tossing in my 2 cents. It IS very difficult to get a straight concrete answer here from anyone who has installed vinyl as a shower or tub surround. Yeah, you did it, but did it last? I suppose people do not return here to respond. I want to try it. I also looked at Dumawall wall panels, and they are recommended for showers. They cost a bit more than vinyl tile, but the end would be more sure. I may try the vinyl tile just to see for myself if it works. I think the most fail safe route would be a solid piece of sheet vinyl cut to fit the entire space with NO joints. Could be done if you could force a 2x2 into the corner and secure it til the glue set, or even cove the corner somehow. No joints, no leaks. just have to seal it at the bottom.

About vinyl glue: I do know that there are several kinds of backing on vinyl. I installed sheet vinyl on a floor recently and used all purpose glue and it was a disaster. Come to find out I had vinyl backed vinyl instead of the older and better quality felt backed vinyl. (They still make both but you gotta know which kind it is.) I suppose the vinyl backed is just vinyl minus the felt. They are making everything cheaper these days. Anyway, all purpose glue doesn’t stick to it worth a hoot. There is a special glue for vinyl backed vinyl, and it costs more than the AP, like $60/gal. Also, you have to let the glue nearly dry before installing it, like 45 minutes to an hour. I don’t know about vinyl planking and tile, but find out from someone who knows before gluing it. Check with a flooring installer, they would know.


11:49PM | 03/03/21
I have successfully put loose lay vinyl on shower walls. I used regular vinyl adhesive. I did not cut the vinyl for the corners but instead just allowed it to curve as little as possible. The only thing unusual about this install, was that it went up over some unusual wall material that is used in older mobile homes which is some type of harder glued vinyl over crapboard. I got the idea from some "luxury" apartment complex where all the showers had vinyl rolled this way. The vinyl held up great. no issues, can caulk at the bottom. I also used white trim for the two flat outside edges. I think that white trim is made for bead board, but the vinyl slipped right in the groove. At the top I just went to the ceiling so no trim up there as it would be impossible to curve the trim on the two sides. If you are gluing up on tile or sheetrock, just be sure to test it out to see if it sticks. I also tried vinyl tiles that were peel and stick. Those did not stick well enough.


04:45PM | 03/08/21
Done this with vinyl roll flooring over an existing plastic shower wall to make it look nicer ( ceramic titles are not that easy in my opinion) had it up for almost 3 years no issues or problems cleans easy


01:33PM | 03/31/21
Shaw make a new LVP for shower walls you need to use there products to install but it comes with a 7 year leek proof warrantee..


11:05AM | 06/11/21
Turoffnung ab 18€ - Std

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