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01:18PM | 03/15/03
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I have a round circle (from a plant) of a rust stain on a light colored hardwood floor. There are even some black marks in the circle. How do I safely remove the ring of rust (and better yet, the black marks) w/o sanding or refinishing, if possible? Please help!! Thanks in advance!

Dave Anderson

02:03AM | 03/18/03
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I don't think there is a way to do it without sanding, except for maybe bleaching? My quess is that you'll have to sand it, then re-stain to match... Find an area inside a closet to practice on first...

Good luck!


12:55PM | 04/09/10
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I realize this is a few years late but I just encountered this problem and thought I would share since I was surprised by how no one had figured out how to get rust out of wood yet. Men won't like it but it seems this one took a woman's touch since the method that worked was a natural bleaching process for getting rust out of clothing. Ironically all of the men I talked to told me I needed to just replace the stairs... of course, then I spend a bunch more money.

I created a natural bleach using 1 tablespoon lemon juice for every 1 teaspoon of salt. I had a large amount of bleaching to do since I took the carpet off the stairs and encountered a lot of rust stains from rusty stables. I mixed it thoroughly and then poured it into a squeeze bottle that I could squeeze onto the stains. I allowed it to sit and scrubbed occasionally with a little wire brush. I'll still need to patch nail holes and such but the stains have gone from dark black to a very faded gray that I should be able to hide with a stain that isn't too dark. I'm finishing my sanding today so I guess I'll know soon enough!

Keep in mind this took several applications so there is a lot of work involved!



12:46PM | 05/29/16
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Michelle, can you elaborate on the mix ratio? Is it tsp of salt in a tblspn of lemon juice and nothing else or do you mix with water, if so how much?



05:44PM | 08/14/16
"Whink" makes a Rust Stain Remover that will easily remove rust from hardwood floors. Just pour it on the rust, walk away and let it do the work. I think this product is on most grocery store shelves in the house cleaning products.


08:43PM | 10/19/20
I know what take it off my grandma said how about we try windex on it and tho scrape it off and with a back Brillo pad and it worked that stain is was on my floor about 3years and it’s finally gone today


05:16AM | 06/15/21
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