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01:18PM | 03/15/03
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I have a round circle (from a plant) of a rust stain on a light colored hardwood floor. There are even some black marks in the circle. How do I safely remove the ring of rust (and better yet, the black marks) w/o sanding or refinishing, if possible? Please help!! Thanks in advance!

Dave Anderson

02:03AM | 03/18/03
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I don't think there is a way to do it without sanding, except for maybe bleaching? My quess is that you'll have to sand it, then re-stain to match... Find an area inside a closet to practice on first...

Good luck!


12:55PM | 04/09/10
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I realize this is a few years late but I just encountered this problem and thought I would share since I was surprised by how no one had figured out how to get rust out of wood yet. Men won't like it but it seems this one took a woman's touch since the method that worked was a natural bleaching process for getting rust out of clothing. Ironically all of the men I talked to told me I needed to just replace the stairs... of course, then I spend a bunch more money.

I created a natural bleach using 1 tablespoon lemon juice for every 1 teaspoon of salt. I had a large amount of bleaching to do since I took the carpet off the stairs and encountered a lot of rust stains from rusty stables. I mixed it thoroughly and then poured it into a squeeze bottle that I could squeeze onto the stains. I allowed it to sit and scrubbed occasionally with a little wire brush. I'll still need to patch nail holes and such but the stains have gone from dark black to a very faded gray that I should be able to hide with a stain that isn't too dark. I'm finishing my sanding today so I guess I'll know soon enough!

Keep in mind this took several applications so there is a lot of work involved!



12:46PM | 05/29/16
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Michelle, can you elaborate on the mix ratio? Is it tsp of salt in a tblspn of lemon juice and nothing else or do you mix with water, if so how much?



05:44PM | 08/14/16
"Whink" makes a Rust Stain Remover that will easily remove rust from hardwood floors. Just pour it on the rust, walk away and let it do the work. I think this product is on most grocery store shelves in the house cleaning products.


08:43PM | 10/19/20
I know what take it off my grandma said how about we try windex on it and tho scrape it off and with a back Brillo pad and it worked that stain is was on my floor about 3years and it’s finally gone today


05:16AM | 06/15/21
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12:09AM | 08/02/21
This can be dangerous, and is a last resort method. No skin should be exposed to the air, air tight goggles and carbon respirator should be used.

1 part ammonia, one part 30% hydrogen peroxide. Put ammonia followed by peroxide into a pump sprayer. Apply and let dry. Repeat if necessary.

More safety info: this is the same method that is used for bleaching hair, and will strip the color out of almost anything organic. 30% h2o2 will bleach skin white within 15 seconds before it starts to burn. Rinse with water immediately if contact. Flush eyes for 15 minutes for splashes.

This releases ammonia gas and free oxygen. Neither of these things are poisonous to humans in moderation. This mixture is strong and should be considered very hazardous.

Ammonia sourced from grocery/hardware store, peroxide sourced from a hydroponic store.

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