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12:30PM | 06/15/04
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My 1988 built two story house has a main floor greenhouse kitchen that extends into the back garden. The kichen has a single story asphalt shingled roof. The roof is what I would call "shed" design - evestrough on all three sides, three sided roof mated to the back of the house. The dimensions may be 10' x 8'. The pitch is very low and this may have added to the early demise of the roof.

The shingles are curling, and obviously in need of replacement. The roof faces south. The rest of the roofing on the house looks great, as does the two car garage.

I'm considering going to a hardware supply and learning how to remove the hold shingles and install the new ones. I would never try this on the entire house, but this job seems so manageable.

I'm also toying with the idea of a skylight, but I've never owned one or installed one and I am concerned about leakage, given the low pitch. The house is near Toronto, Ontario so snow is modest.

Any comments or advice is welcome.



03:49PM | 06/15/04
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This is a great opportunity to learn how to roof and perhaps install a roof window. You will only require 1-square (3-bundles regular roofing or 4 bundles architectural). You will also need a roll of 15 lb roofing felt. The old shingles can most easily be removed using a flat breaker (pry) bar about 16 inches long. One end flat, the other end curved. Run it up under the shingles and pop them off starting at the bottom (eave) and moving to the top. There should be a strip of flashing at the top that runs over the top row of shingles. Just leave it, but remove any nails or mastic holding down shingles under it.

After the roof is removed, you can visualize the framing. Most is 24-inch on center spacing. There are skylights and roof windows that can fit a 24 by 48 opening, so if you decide to add one, its not too difficult. If roof pitch is less than 3 in 12 inches, you need one designed for low pitch roofs. It just includes a raised dam to prevent leaks.

Installing new roofing is easy, flashing the roof window or skylight is intermediate. Instructions for nailing and flashing are included on every package of shingles and detailed flashing instructions come with most skylights. If you have specific questions, feel free to post back.

Hope this helps



08:55AM | 06/20/04
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You may have missed the fact that this is a low pitch roof. Don't know how low, but normal asphalt shingles should not be instaled on less than a 3/12 pitch without special prep, like using ice and water shield under all or triple coverage with the 15# felt.

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05:00AM | 06/21/04
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Thank you for the info!

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