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05:40PM | 09/25/03
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We purchased Bellawood Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring back in April of this year. To protect the beauty of the floor in higher traffic areas, we laid down a new large 8 X 10 area rug. Tonight I lifted the edge of the rug and discovered that the entire area of the floor covered by the rug appears to now be a totally different color and is the exact size and shape of the rug. The smooth shiny finish does not appear to be damaged in any way, but the color no longer looks cherry but more like a much lighter golden oak color. Needless to say, after only about 6 months, I am furious to see this and I am hoping you can shine some light on this or offer an explanation for what I am seeing. In case there is any question, I have never cleaned the rug (it is brand new) or used any chemicals on the rug at all that could possibly have damaged the flooring underneath.Help!!!!


07:47PM | 09/25/03
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look at the backing on the carpet,is it some kind of rubber/or foam,did you have a non- slip pad,that is rubber of foam?...please post your reply...(what kind of backing does the rug have?)


02:33AM | 09/26/03
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K2- Thanks for your reply. I don't think so. The uncovered wood is darker than the wood that was covered.


02:42AM | 09/26/03
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Carpetman- Thank you for your reply. Backing is hard to describe....(for a layperson). The backing is not solid foam or rubber material. Appears to be a course feeling 'grid' of some sort and, for the most part, the design on the front of the rug can somewhat be seen through on the underside.
Hope this is helpful.. Thanks again for any direction you can provide.


08:02AM | 09/26/03
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You have a woven product most likely, so it seems to me that if you keep your rug off that area, perhaps the light will change that area to match the rest. SInce it seems there is no finish damage, then it is probably just the fact that light has affected the uncovered areas. Do you get mostly natural light in that area, and what direction are the windows facing from where the light comes from I.E northern exposure or southern exposure or what?


07:39PM | 09/26/03
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i think the answer is you need an inspection,have the company that installed the wood come out and look at the floor,they will blame the rug as the cause of the problem.have the rug company come out also,who will tell you they never have seen this problem before.(ask them what is the backing on the rug)
you never know ,one of them may say"this is our problem" and pay for a fix.
the next step after that is to request an inspection from the wood mgf. and from the rug mgf. it may end up in court,
my best answer is try to eliminate the rug as the cause,if nothing can be found wrong with the rug,then the problem is with the wood floor... good luck


10:56AM | 08/27/05
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Check with the manufacturer...many of these exotics darken with exposure to sunlight...UV light. Move a piece of furniture that has covered an area of the floor and you will probaly see the same "lighter" tone on that surface too.

Try leaving the rug off the floor for a few weeks and see if it darkens. The floor is not ruined


01:43AM | 05/11/13
There is absolutely nothing wrong with your floor. Exotic hardwoods darken (sometimes dramatically so) after installation. Light exposed areas darken much more quickly. ) The first month is the time of most rapid change. Once a year is passed it's 85-90% of the maximum darkness it will get. The light area under the rug is not damaged. Since there was no exposure to light, that area is the original installation color and the rest darkened gradually. If you leave the light area exposed to light, it will eventually catch up and match the rest of the floor, unfortunately this may take months but eventually your floor will be an even shade again.


01:17AM | 05/15/13
I don't know much about this specific topic about reading your opinions I'm trying to enhance my knowledge.


08:33PM | 03/14/14
As mentioned above, removing your area rug will allow the floors color change to eventually catch up. Just about all floors change color due to UV light and oxidization. Some change very drastically and quickly. Some take more time. Jatoba can get very dark very quickly while Walnut tends to blonde out in time. Do your research on species before you buy them and as a general rule do not use area rugs, and move furniture around a little, in the first year.

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