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04:25AM | 01/04/05
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When siding a house with wood shingles/shakes, it is common practice that the frieze board (when used) is applied on top of the highest course of shingles. Said another way, the upper-most course of shingle 'slide' underneath the frieze board. However, for the trim at the bottom of windows the shingles are cut flush to the trim and the trim is not applied 'on top' of the shingles. Can anyone confirm this is common practice and offer an explanation as to why?

I'm thinking one reason for sliding under the frieze board is that it reduces the amount of cuts that need to be made but I imagine there are benefits from reducing the possible water penetration points.

Any insight would be appreciated. I'm about to start siding my house and want to make sure I'm not missing any key points when it comes to applying the shingles.



05:25PM | 01/09/05
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I'm not sure some of your assumptions are correct.

When we build frieze, (let's say that it will be a 6" frieze) we run a 5" shim block of leftover sheathing material - advanteck, plywood, or whatever - shingle up to it, cutting shingles to fit to, and then apply the frieze over the shingles by an inch of overlapp. Sometimes, we have the frieze on fiorst and slip the cut shingles under the lip.

so this does not reduce the mnumber of cuts made.

and the sills of our windows have a dado in them to recieve the top tipps of the shingles, again cut to fit. Sometimes a scotia type trim is immediately below the sill of the window also

Both these joints have tarpaper or other flashing/housewraps and sealants behind them

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03:55AM | 01/10/05
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Thanks as always for such clear insight. When re-reading my original note, I think what I meant by 'less cuts' might have been that the precision of the cuts along the top did not have to be perfect because they'd be covered by the frieze. In the end I guess this is probably not terribly relevant.

Your point about the dado is exactly the missing link that I was looking for. Makes a lot of sense.

Thank you again.


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