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05:14PM | 07/30/07
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Saturday I put down a tile floor in my bathroom using hardeback as a subfloor over my 5/8 thick sub floor. I used a premixed tile adhesive and a troll that they recommended. Sunday night I grouted the tile and today I am noticeing my grout is cracking and the tile is lose where did I go wrong I have done tile work before and have not seen this before could this be an adhisive problem or a moisture issue?


08:25AM | 07/31/07
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That would be my first suspect, although you didn't indicate the size of your tiles.

If the structure of the support and subfloor isn't sufficient to prevent deflection and bear the weight (live and dead load) tile anything would be a problem. You provided no information regarding your structure.

Second - mastic or pre-mixed anything never works well for ceramic, stone, or porcelin flooring.

You should have used thin set - or a modified thin-set, not adhesive or mastic - however this wouldn't usually evidence itself this quickly unless you had larger tiles and your "adhesive" wasn't yet cured.

This is why I first suspect that you have too much deflection and insufficient structural support for your floor, with a secondary issue of your choice of materials.


02:33PM | 07/31/07
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My bases is 5/8 wooden sub floor and 1/2 hardebacker on top with screws every 6 inches. Only someof the tile came up and some stayed down the tile is 13x13.

So you are saying I have an uneven floor and I am not getting proper contact thus making the tile pop off when I place body weight on one side of the tile by walking on it the other side pops off is that it? How can I fix this problem?


07:25PM | 08/02/07
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The premixed junk is your problem. It can take over a month for the stuff to dry under a porcelain tile. Until that happens, and it wont be a great bond if it does, your tile will float on the stuff and move under foot pressure.


07:53AM | 08/06/07
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how did you install the hardibacker ?

did you just lay it down and nail/screw it in, or did you install it on a 1/4" bed of mortar, THEN nail/screw it ?

if you did not use a mortar bed under that hardibacker, THAT is your problem, and it all has to be gutted and reinstalled.


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