Modular Home Construction Basics

Bob tours the Simplex Industries modular home plant and learns how the different pre-fab parts are made.

Clip Summary

Bob visits the Simplex Industries modular home plant in Scranton, PA. Dave Boniello, the Vice President of Marketing for Simplex, gives Bob a full tour of the plant.

Building the majority of a home in a factory, then delivering it to the site for assembly, presents unique challenges. Simplex Industries, a privately owned company that ships over 400 homes a year, utilizes a mix of traditional framing techniques and leading-edge modular home construction.

Specific practices are in place to ensure that the transportation is accomplished without structural or cosmetic damage to the house. In service of protecting the home in transit, the eaves are able to fold up, metal shielding can go in to protect rough electrical work, and drywall that's glued, not screwed, is used.