Pre-cast Concrete Foundation Installation

Bob meets with Jim Costello from Superior Walls of America to discuss the difference between a pre-cast and a traditional poured-concrete foundation.

Clip Summary

Bob learns that the pre-cast panel is made of an outside shell wall of high-strength concrete combined with rebar-reinforced concrete pillars.

The ten-inch thick pillars look similar to a traditional stud wall with Styrofoam insulation. Pressure-treated furring strips attached to the pillars make drywall or paneling easy to attach. The panels have an R factor of 5. ("R factor" is the measure of a materials resistance to the passage of heat. A concrete block has an R factor of about 2).

Polyurethane caulk with special concrete adhesives is added between each panel to ensure a tight seal. The panels are attached to each other and the base with pre-installed saddle bolts.

A typical home's installation takes about five hours and, without having to wait for the foundation to set or dry, contractors can begin framing immediately. The walls are guaranteed for 15 years compared to poured-concrete walls, which generally have a warranty of one year.