Air Conditioning Condenser Install

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 15, Part 1

Bob tours the finished landscape around the project house before visiting the historic gardens at Glen Magna farm in Danvers, MA.

Inside the modern Colonial, new Kenmore air conditioning condensers are ready to be installed, and carpenter John Kiley is hard at work building the staircase.
Part 1: Air Conditioning Condenser Install
Kevin Callahan from Sears joins Bob to talk about the new Kenmore air conditioning condensers that will be installed. The condensers are Energy Star rated and have a life expectancy of over 15 years.

Callahan explains the unit's internal components, starting with the copper coils that contain the unit's refrigerant. Heat is transferred out through the fins around the inside edge. These condensers are 3 1/2 ton units (one ton = 12,000 BTU's).

Callahan also talks about the SEER rating, the Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio, which is the measurement of the product's energy efficiency that helps determine its Energy Star rating.
Part 2: Building Wooden Stairs in the Front Hall
Part 3: Building Wooden Stairs in the Front Hall Continued