Exterior Painting With an Airless Sprayer

Project: Vermont Farmhouse, Episode 7, Part 1

Painting is getting started on the exterior of the house. Bob is shown the techniques being used to paint the front fa├žade, and custom cabinets from Crown Point Cabinetry are ready to go in the kitchen. Ryley and Pat Cloutier will install the cabinets, but first, Bob takes us on a tour of the Crown Point factory in Claremont, NH to see what goes into their construction.
Part 1: Exterior Painting With an Airless Sprayer
Latex paint is being applied on the exterior of the Vermont farmhouse by workers using airless sprayers. These tools use pressure to push paint through the line.

A putty color was chosen for the trim paint. The trim and field will both get two coats of paint. The painters will come back and redo the trim after the paint on the field is dry.

The trick to painting clapboards with the airless sprayer is to hold it six to eight inches from the surface with the nozzle perpendicular to the wall. By making narrow swathes across the surface, one can control the consistency of the coating and avoid drips.
Part 2: Crown Point Cabinet Factory Tour
Part 3: Installing Crown Point Kitchen Cabinets
The wooded New England setting, with quaint towns and covered bridges, provides the perfect backdrop for building a traditional Vermont-style farmhouse.

Bob works with the Quechee Lakes Development Company to build a residence that hearkens back to the past yet satisfies the needs of a family in the new millennium.