Vermont-Style Interior Decorating

Project: Vermont Farmhouse, Episode 13, Part 2

Bob takes us on a final tour of the completed farmhouse project in Quechee, VT. First, Bob walks around the exterior, looking at the finished landscape and hardscape design. Inside, he reviews the connected home features, as well as the final interior design. Highlights include the handmade furniture and custom Plantation-style interior window shutters.
Part 1: Discussing the Landscape Design and Living Amenities
Part 2: Vermont-Style Interior Decorating
Bob tours the first floor of the farmhouse with interior designer Regina Lawrence, who points out many of the Vermont touches that have been included in the home. For instance, The floor of the front hall is Vermont slate. Also, there is a maple staircase, and maple floors, throughout the rest of the first floor.

The living room palette is a blend of beige, green, and persimmon. The wrought-iron lamp is from Hubbarton Forge in Castleton, VT.

All of the furniture in the living and dining rooms are from Clearlake Furniture, including an exquisite marquetry alternately insetting maple in cherry and vice versa.

Decorative glassware is from Simon Pearce headquartered right in Quechee.
Part 3: Reviewing Satellite Dish Features and the Master Bedroom
The wooded New England setting, with quaint towns and covered bridges, provides the perfect backdrop for building a traditional Vermont-style farmhouse.

Bob works with the Quechee Lakes Development Company to build a residence that hearkens back to the past yet satisfies the needs of a family in the new millennium.