Reviewing Satellite Dish Features and the Master Bedroom

Project: Vermont Farmhouse, Episode 13, Part 3

Bob takes us on a final tour of the completed farmhouse project in Quechee, VT. First, Bob walks around the exterior, looking at the finished landscape and hardscape design. Inside, he reviews the connected home features, as well as the final interior design. Highlights include the handmade furniture and custom Plantation-style interior window shutters.
Part 1: Discussing the Landscape Design and Living Amenities
Part 2: Vermont-Style Interior Decorating
Part 3: Reviewing Satellite Dish Features and the Master Bedroom
Bob experiences the Panasonic replay TV with the show-stopper feature. This technology allows viewers to freeze live TV action so, when they return, they can start it back up and continue watching where the program left off.

Venturing upstairs, Bob looks at the desktop computer, which provides the home gateway to the internet. Like 70% of the country, Quechee does not offer direct access to the internet through cable or DSL, so the Vermont farmhouse is benefiting from Hughes Network Systems Direcway. The satellite dish in the back yard enables the home to enjoy two-way satellite communications at all times.

Bob tours the master bedroom suite and admires the space, scope, and the view. Of particular note is to Bob is the Charles Shackleton mirror framed in carved cherry that he finds in the master bath.

Shackleton is a Vermont craftsman who emigrated from Ireland about 20 years ago. In a flashback to a visit to Shackleton's workshops, Bob comments on the old-world traditions of apprenticeship and fine craftsmanship still very much alive there. Only materials of the highest quality are used in the exceptional pieces of timeless furniture skillfully crafted.
The wooded New England setting, with quaint towns and covered bridges, provides the perfect backdrop for building a traditional Vermont-style farmhouse.

Bob works with the Quechee Lakes Development Company to build a residence that hearkens back to the past yet satisfies the needs of a family in the new millennium.