Restructuring the First Floor and Kitchen Design

General contractor Charlie Tomaszewski completes the restructuring of the kitchen/family room, having replaced a rabbit warren of rooms with a 35-foot wide-open span. Bob goes over the kitchen design plans with homeowner Julie Graham.

Clip Summary

Charlie Tomaszewski uses a Craftsman palm nailer while installing the final joist hanger. This now completes the restructuring of the kitchen/family room section of the first floor. The small rooms with nooks and crannies and a rabbit warren of interior walls supporting the upstairs have been replaced with a 35-foot wide open span with strategically positioned structural lumber-- LVLs-- supporting the upstairs.

Bob joins homeowner Julie Graham and Merillat rep Faith Allen to discuss the new Merrilat kitchen that Julie has planned. Merillat has developed a new concept they call "organomics" to help homeowners overcome problems commonly encountered in designing a kitchen. Organomics is a blending of organization and ergonomics that encourages the homeowner to take a look at the space and to divide it into activity-based areas.

In the case of Julie's kitchen, the space is divided into a storage zone with pantry utility cabinet and refrigerator, a sink zone for cleanup, a cooking zone, a food prep zone, a planning zone, and an eating zone in the nook.