Installing Architectural Shingles and Skylight

A representative from Owens Corning tells Bob about the architectural shingles that have been selected to replace the old roofing material. And Velux VSE skylights with copper step flashing are installed.

Clip Summary

Bob looks at work on the backside of house, and at the new features of the home, including a back deck. Third-story pipe staging had to be used in order to install new wooden gutters. Bob notices the new windows in the bump-out addition to the kitchen, as well as the the breezeway.

Ken Langevin from Owens Corning tells Bob about the architectural shingles selected to replace the old roofing material. The shingles are called architectural, because they have a three-dimensional look, and they have a 40-year warranty, thanks to the extra build-up of asphalt and mineral granules. Contractors find the shingles are easy to install.

The ridge vent comes in a roll. It's rolled out on the ridge and attached with a nail gun. It has a wind-driven baffle so any rain that does get in will just sit, and it's covered with the hip and ridge shingle to give it that architectural, three-dimensional look.

Workers also installed an ice-and-water barrier on the ridge, and eaves so that any ice build-up in the gutters won't be able to push up underneath the new shingles.

Bob flashes back to the installation of the new roof. First, the crew removed the old layers of roofing material from the barn. Next, they added a layer of Louisiana Pacific oriented strand board (OSB) over the original sheathing.

Oriented strand board is manufactured with thin wafers of wood, resins, and wax compressed under intense heat. When used as roof sheathing it's extremely resistant to moisture damage.

Finally, the workers stapled down a layer of felt paper and used chalk lines to lay out the courses of asphalt shingles. Since these are double-layer shingles, they're fastened along the pre-marked white line to assure that both layers are attached to the roof.

Finally, frames for the Velux VSE skylights were installed. These vented skylights will be operated with a hand-held remote. Copper step flashing is added to the side of the skylights and the asphalt roof shingles are fastened up to it.