Structured Wiring Installation

Bob joins Tim Woods (from Internet Home Alliance) in the basement to look over the network connection center, the area responsible for the homeowners' internet, television, and phone connectivity.

Clip Summary

Bob joins Tim Woods (from the Internet Home Alliance) for a discussion beside the network connection center in the basement. This is where all the structured wiring comes in, and where the main controls are.

In the kitchen, Larry Hicks (from Home Director) is installing some cable for a universal 2 + 2 outlet for TV, telephone, or data. Looking at the Internet Alliance's wiring plan, Tim Woods points out the security camera at the front door and the ADT iCenter security system.

The study/screening room will be a real media center, with surround sound speakers, broadband internet, and a Panasonic high-definition TV.

There will be speakers throughout the house, all of which will be controlled from the kitchen audio center. The Cisco Aironet system is a wireless network for the home that enables the homeowner to put a wireless card into his laptop and wirelessly port the web anywhere in the house.

Because this is an old house in which they are trying to preserve the original plaster and lath walls, the installation of the structured wiring has required different tools, and takes much longer, than in new construction.