Building the Backyard Deck

Bob observes as general contractor Charlie Tomaszewski finishes up the picture framing for the mahogany deck.

Clip Summary

Bob is in the backyard of the Victorian restoration project house, where general contractor Charlie Tomaszewski is finishing up the picture framing for the mahogany deck. The mahogany will be left unfinished, allowing it to weather and take on a beautiful silvery sheen.

Charlie is working with mahogany in an assortment of lengths. He prefers to space his joints at least 32 inches apart, staggering them by at least two bays. He uses 16-penny spikes as spacers between the boards, as well as between the butt ends of the boards and the picture frame.

To avoid putting dimples into the mahogany, Charlie doesn't hammer the nails all the way in. Instead, he leaves them just on the surface, then uses a nail set to drive them home.