Installing the Medicine Cabinet

Project: Victorian Restoration, Episode 11, Part 3

Landscaping gets underway on the Victorian restoration project house property. Landscape architect Kristian Fenderson and Tom Strangfeld (from Weston Nurseries) talk Bob through the landscape design ideas they developed.

Down in the basement, Bob tours the home's mechanical and electrical systems, including the high-velocity air conditioning system and the zoned hot water heating system.

On the second floor, new Kahrs interlocking wood floors are being installed. In an effort to preserve some of the home's original wood detailing, Cole Stanton (from Fiberlock) is applying a lead encapsulating paint to the window trim.
Part 1: Discussing the Plantings on the Property
Part 2: Reviewing the Home's High-Velocity Mini-Duct HVAC System
Part 3: Installing the White Oak Flooring
Part 4: Installing the Medicine Cabinet
In the master suite, general contractor Charlie Tomaszewski is finishing up installing the Robern medicine cabinets. The doors have rubber gasketing, so when closed, they keep out dust and moisture. If the mirror on the outside fogs up after a shower, you can open the cabinet and use the mirror on the reverse side of the door. Glass shelves fit into the cabinet for storage.

Last, Bob helps Charlie install the final door. They screw the heavy-duty European hinges in place and the cabinets are complete.
Part 5: Encapsulating Lead Paint
Located just five miles from downtown Boston, Bob's scouts discovered a Victorian-era house in a neighborhood of family homes on tree-lined streets that was past due for a full-scale renovation.

The home's new owners, a work-at-home family, have set goals to modernize the home's floor plan, update the building's mechanical and electrical systems, and add home office and work spaces for two busy professionals.