Review of the Home Office Electronics

Project: Victorian Restoration, Episode 13, Part 4

The Victorian house in Medford, MA is complete, and Bob guides a tour of the finished restoration. Outside, the homeowner and Bob talk about the new features in the yard, including the new porch and pergolas. The barn has a new second-floor studio area with refurbished wide plank flooring.

In the main house, Bob talks to Markus Earley about the lighting design in the dining area, and tours the new kitchen, before meeting with Tim Woods (from Internet Home Alliance) to talk about the "connected home" features that have been added.
Part 1: Tour of the Home's Exterior, Lighting Design, and Completed Kitchen
Part 2: Interlocking Beech Flooring, Anti-Static Carpeting, and the Media Room
Part 3: Master Bathroom Tour, Sauna Installation, and Window Blinds
Part 4: Review of the Home Office Electronics
Bob meets with Tim Woods (from Internet Home Alliance) in the third-floor office. Tim shows off the Panasonic PBX phone system, which is ideal for a home business. It features conference calling, paging, and intercom capabilities from anywhere in the house. The web-based cam is another useful feature that allows the homeowner to monitor a room through a website, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Tim also explains that the homeowner's laptop has a wireless networking card from Cisco Systems, allowing wireless in-home internet access. In addition, the laptop has a 64MB Secure Digital (SD) card reader that downloads music onto a card, which can then be played in the homeowner's car.

Finally, Tim shows Bob the Panasonic Iris scanner. The Iris scanner interfaces with the homeowner's computer system, allowing secure access to computer files.
Located just five miles from downtown Boston, Bob's scouts discovered a Victorian-era house in a neighborhood of family homes on tree-lined streets that was past due for a full-scale renovation.

The home's new owners, a work-at-home family, have set goals to modernize the home's floor plan, update the building's mechanical and electrical systems, and add home office and work spaces for two busy professionals.