Porch Railing and Screen Door Installation

Carpenter Bob Ryley helps install a new porch railing and new screen doors. An underground sprinkler system is also installed.

Clip Summary

Carpenter Bob Ryley helps install a new porch railing. A portion of the new re-milled second-floor railing has been assembled. To keep the individual balusters from spinning, a double-nail system at the top is put into each baluster, and the balusters are connected by a lattice joiner.

The crew then puts the rail into place and the top is secured by using three-inch galvanized screws to secure the rail to the posts. The finial is attached with a two-threaded dowel that screws into the new post. The open holes are filled with a two-part wood epoxy from Abretron, which takes 6 hours to set before it can be sanded.

A screen door with decorative wood flourishes is hung on the first-floor side porch. Clips and gaskets hold the screen, which clicks into place.

Last, Ocean State Lawn installs a sprinkler system. Black polyethylene pipe is being placed underground by a plow, then attached to sprinkler heads to create three separate zones, all controlled by Hunter Valves.