House Eight: Side Porch Renovation, Landscaping, and Home Inspection

The home's side entry will be restored using the original columns, which homeowner Jim Verity found in the basement. On the front porch, new support beams and railings will be installed. Plus, the property will be landscaped.

Clip Summary

Jim Verity's home was built in 1905. It has a side entry, once a porch, which will be restored using the original columns, found by Verity in the basement . The columns were removed thirty years prior, when the house was divided into apartments and the porch was turned into a covered entrance.

BBR Contracting is at work on demolition. In the course of the work, it's discovered that the bay window on the second floor is sagging. The architect and building inspector conclude that, when the original columns were removed, this area of the house settled. It is determined that the side porch must be shored up with LVL beams before the restored columns can be put in place.