Weaving Cedar Shingles and Prepping Damaged Wood Trim for Painting

Project: Elmwood Neighborhood, Episode 10, Part 2

Paul Stark and Amelia Henderson are the owners of the ninth Elmwood neighborhood project house. They plan to convert the front porch into an outdoor entertainment area.

Bob talks with architect Alan Berry about his plans for the porch, and contractor Terry Bates gets demolition underway. Carpenter Bob Ryley helps with the ceiling joists, and he and Bob talk about the new columns that have gone up. The front façade is getting a new paint job, and Randy Withers (from Withers Custom Shutters) and Bob discuss the shutters. Landscape work takes place, including the creation of a cobblestone edgeway and installation of a new sprinkler system.

Finally, Bob tours the finished porch with the homeowners. Pier 1 furniture and an outdoor sound system from Sonance are featured. Additional information is available about hydroseeding lawns and creating custom millwork.
Part 1: Restoring the Front Porch
Part 2: Weaving Cedar Shingles and Prepping Damaged Wood Trim for Painting
Front porch restoration continues with the roof being replaced. On the half-wall of the front porch, new red cedar shingles are being installed. Bob demonstrates the shingle weaving process.

In the weaving process, the end-grain of the courses are alternated, and each shingle is fastened with a few staples. When shingles meet at the corner, one will overlap the butt of the other shingle and, later, a hand trim will be applied.

General contractor Terry Bates does salvage work on the window trim. He uses Liquid Wood, an epoxy, from Abetrom. The glue hardens the surface, which is necessary for the wood filler to be added. After that, the surface can be sanded.

The homeowner, Paul, has begun the exterior paint job, using an oil-based primer from Sherwin Williams. Much prep work-- scraping and sanding-- was done before he could start.
Part 3: Painting Shingles and Shutters, Landscaping, and Hardscaping
Part 4: The Font Porch, Façade, and Yard
The theme of community building in the historic Elmwood neighborhood of Providence, RI, is the focus of this project. Rather than tackling one house, Bob Vila is helping 11 neighbors tackle smaller projects like porches, kitchens, bathrooms, and even a third-floor artist's studio.