Installing Wall Paneling in the Entranceway and Visiting the Completed Tiled Shower

Inspired by designs found in the Isaac Bell historic house, paneling is installed on Bob’s entrance door to the living room. Bob looks at the completed tiled shower in his guest bathroom.

Clip Summary

Bob focuses on the entrance door to his living room and on its paneling, which is inspired by designs found in the Isaac Bell historic house. He then moves on to the guest bathroom and looks at the completed shower, where the tile work has been finished and the floor now sports a dramatic pattern. In the guest bedroom, the original window sash is back from repair, waiting to be installed to its former glory.
One of the design features from our 1987 house are the original doors which have these panels that are somewhat horizontal in scale. And we have just seen at the Isaac Bell house a lot of wainscoting, which again has these relatively horizontal scaled panels. Here we're creating an entranceway into the living room.

We are using high-tech materials.
This is a medium density overlay, a type of plywood with a paper face, which takes paint very well, in fact some people call it sign board and we've had poplar milled down to half inch which we are applying to create the recessed panels and of course we're shooting it all in place. Danny, can I interrupt you or help you here?


These are the side pieces which make good spacers, we shoot it and then just go to the other side, and then do the same thing in the next case and keep on going like this just pinning them in place.

Alright, and this piece goes on the edge, push it up and in.

And now we put in the middle pieces to create two panels on the top here, you 've got your marks there, and the second panel is horizontal and the third one is divided again to create two panels.

Now we're ready for moldings.
OK. And this is standard, over the counter, lumberyard moldings that Danny's pre-cut and you've pre-cut all that you'll need for the whole job I assume.

That's all there is to it.

And it really is, I mean, a day's project is what it is but when it is painted out it's going to look like a million bucks . And of course we've done other contemporary things like make sure we have some of this little Lightolier fixtures up in here.

So that we'll have some down lighting.

But anyway let's take a look at the second floor where more of the carpentry finished trim is being completed Most of the second floor trim is in place and we're almost ready to turn this all over to the painters.

And you can see all these popular moldings that are in place in the picture moldings.

But right over Fr in this corner of the house.

Last week, we were putting in the ceramic tile in the guest bath and I wanted to give you look as he's done a fabulous job.

The shower is all finished with this beautiful Italian tile and the Spanish tile and the wainscote tile.

It's the old-fashioned system of installing kind of with the running bond, and the circle dark blue which again occurs down here, almost kind of creating the idea of a mopboard.

And then of course look at this floor.

It's just a simple detail. But it's so dramatic.

And all we need here is a door.

In-- then in the guest bedroom itself we stacked all of our original sash which are back from being stripped, and they've been reglazed and repaired, and now they're being primed, the painters are busy getting them all primed so that we can install them back in the windows.
And get rid of the old storm windows and prime the whole exterior of the house. This is an exciting point in time.

Stick around we've got to break for some messages.

Well, we've got a long way to go before moving day, but we're running out of time.

Come home again next time when we're installing hardwood floors. A beautiful maple floor is in the kitchen, and then in my den we're putting down a herringbone pattern in oak.

Also, a tour of the Konetigo Factory in Cleveland, Ohio, where they make these terrific water purification systems. And my friends from California Closet are coming to help me figure out how to best customize the master bedroom closets .

So then I'm Bob Villa. It's good to have you home again.