Looking at New Bedroom Closets

Bob checks out the California Closet storage systems designed for the master bedroom suite and smaller bedroom closet.

Clip Summary

Bob checks out the elegant mahogany-paneled California Closet storage system designed for the master bedroom suite and then looks at a more traditional white melamine system in a smaller bedroom closet. Packing a lot into a small space, the fully adjustable system can accommodate growing children.
OK. Watch the corners there.

Yup. It's a tight fit.

Go perfect.
Now this is what you call an undermount which means the lavatory gets mounted underneath whatever the material of the countertop is.

Now, how do you fasten this to the cabinet? Do you need to?

Yes , we use a vinyl adhesive.

Same product. OK.

Nice job. Thanks, Ron.

You're welcome.

Let's go upstairs and look at some closets. Now this is really special. I never had a closet quite like this.

Well , we framed all the partitions, and then covered them in plywood so that we can really panel this whole room because the whole system, this whole California Closet system can also provide you with paneling like this.

These are mahogany that's farmed in Brazil. They are, manufactured in Brazil. They've got the finish on them down there. They wrap them up and send them to you anywhere in the world. And we're gonnaApply this to all the plywood that you see, so that the whole area's going to be mahogany.

But behind all these doors, you got incredible systems for storage.

And here in the corner the armoire unit is hinged in the middle, so that the doors will not bump into this side piece here, isn't that nifty?

We've got shelves, sock drawers, whatever, etc, and then in this section here and in this section there hanging space.

And they take advantage of all the room you've got , by giving you a shelf in the middle with another rod. But, my favorite feature in the whole closet, is over here.

I've got a built in dresser, and the top drawer is about 2 inches deep.

Really shallow draw but it is perfect for when you empty your pockets. You change your wallet and stuff that way you don't make a clutter up here.

Lets go into the other bedroom and meet Sheila Smalls from California Closet and who is putting in a different type of system.

Hey Sheila.
How are you?

Hey Bob. Nice to see you again.

I love that closet over there. Now, this is your, your more traditional closet The system here, is not it?

Yes, It is. This is our White Maline California Closet Sytem. Done up with some bull nose shelving and basically we've taken a very small closet as you can see and we've packed in a lot of stuff.


Packed in chest of drawers.

Yeah. What, what are the drawers like? Do you know? Oh, Yeah.

Isn't that a great one?
You can use that for socks or lingerie.

And of course you can remove this, if you don't want this kind of do I.


What's this meant to hold?
Well, this is a new line for us, these are our new line for us its our shoe cubbies. And its great to put in pair of shoes or just small items that you might have hanging around that you want place to store.

Now, hanging is a secret here. There is a, that white
rod back there is where the whole load of this unit is hung off, and.
and if you are in a apartment youtake this off and put it into the moving truck. right?

That's right. its a easy system to install and to remove, because it is basically bolted into the studs on the wall.

On this side, you've decided to put in two hanging rods, and I noticed on the other side it's different, how come?

Well we have done a long hanging Section here, but the beauty of our systems are that they're fully adjustable, and you can take the pole out, and I can show you very easily.

So that this can be moved up and down at any point?

That's right.You can set it for a small child.

Yeah , Yeah, If you've got growing children that's the trick, right?

That's exactly right.

Well thank you Sheila.

Thank you Bob.

We've got to break for some messages don't go away.

Well it is time to wrap things up.
Come home again the next time and we will take you on a shopping spree at county floors in New York, in the middle of Manhattan.

We're going to be getting lots of beautiful tile, and back here will show you how to waterproof a shower stall before actually installing the ceramic tile.

And hopefully get started with the whole rework evolve landscaping.
Til' then I'm Bob Vila. It's great to have you home again.