Reviewing the Layout of Bob’s Walk-in Closet

Bob meets with California Closets to review plans for his walk-in closet and checks out the careful herringbone floor installation in the library that is nearly complete.

Clip Summary

After quickly reviewing the second-floor layout and his-and-her areas, Bob meets with Bob and Sheila Smaltz from California Closets to go over plans for Bob's walk-in closet. Bob wraps up with a review of the careful herringbone floor installation in the library that leads right up to the frames around the retrofitted metal grills and century-old hearth, looking almost as good as it did 100 years ago.
Okay. We're on the second floor. I'm gonna give you a look at the master bedroom. We are about to talk California Closets but first just to give you an idea of how the layout works. We took the corner bedroom and enlarged it a bit and we created a built in walk-in closest as well as a bathroom.

This is my territory in here, behind the fireplace. And then on the other side we took over a small bedroom that was there to create an additional walk-in closet, dressing room and bathroom for my wife.

And we're at that point in the construction where there's still a lot of trim lumber that hasn't been put up, but in the master bedroom we've got our fixture moldings,
we 've got our casings, our baseboard, just about everything complete.

Let's go into my dressing room area which is pretty much unfinished and we'll meet Bob and Sheila Schmaltz from California Closets.

Hey Bob nice to see you again. Good to see you again. How are you?

Good to see you again Bob. Good. Thank you.

Well listen one thing I wanted to make a point of was that a lot of people think that California Closets are only doing apartment closets makeovers and the like. But you really do get into the construction process don't you?

That's exactly right, Bob. California Closets really accepts the challenge of working with our customers like yourself and also an architect creating the most special and custom space that fits your needs.

So you've been working with Greg Rockland, our architect.

That's absolutely correct.

And I told him a little bit about my needs, because I've got an unusual wardrobe half of it is khakis or dungarees and the other half is kind of business clothes, or travel clothes.

That's right, but I think we came up with some great solutions for it.

Well, should we look at the plan.

Sure absolutely.

Back here what do we got here?

Well we have here a whole wardrobe cabinet with floor to ceiling doors, that I think will be the main focal point of the unit.

Now that goes the whole length of this long wall here which is what 10 feet is it?

Yes it is.

So, I'll have 10 feet.
Feet of hanging behind there or how's it broken up?

Well, Bob, has the plans over here. We have an assortment of double rod hanging.

OK, so I'll have a rod here and another rod above. And then what's in this area?

Well, we have some garment bags, I know, for some of those suits and tuxedos that you might need, and -

I see.
And then this is all shelves?

Shelves for those sweaters and shirts that you have a need for.

That would be terrific. And then the rest of the ro0m is either storage areas or flat panels, right?

Yes, we're actually taking the same wood and we are outfitting with panels the entire wall space in this dressing room, so it's gonna be a totally fitted and custom look.

So Bob, that's why we've had to put plywood behind you, right?

That's correct. So you have something stable to hold the other wood product, too.

Exactly, now have you got any samples at?

Yeah. Right here.

Here's a product, Bob

so Bob Thats we find the behinding Bob, that's, this product is made in Brazil and it might be interesting to point out that they have there own tree ranches down there; so they grow there own product.
So those people who are interested in the environmental problem.

Sure so none of this is actually from the rain forest or anything?

That is absolutely correct.

From tree farms.

We point that out. We point that out on our literature as well.

Its gonna be beautiful in here, it's going to look like a lawyer's office.

Exactly, you're going to feel like the king getting dressed in this room.

Very very neat. And then in terms of drawers, do we have any kind of chest of drawers?

Yes we do Bob, right around the corner we have a unit that I think you'll see,

This here

right here on our plan.

Okay. And this goes in this the area.

Goes in this chubby area right there.

Okay. So this is the back of my shower which is why it's built like that, but then I get a full set of drawers here, and, is this just shelving back here?

Well, we're gonna have a spot there for a mirror and a few shelves above it,


and there's a small drawer over

Here for some tools.

Got tools up here?


Sounds good.

Keep them close to hand.

These are the drawers, right?

That's right.

They have plain fronts?

Yes, and some molding to go with it.

Sounds terrific.

Alright, now we are just weeks away from trying to complete things.
I understand that you're going to be coming back in a week or two to deliver?

We'll have everything ready for you in about a week.

Great. We're looking forward to you again.

We are too, Bob.


Thank you. Take care.

We're going to break for some messages. Don't go away.

Back in the library here, the den.
And you can see, they've made a lot of a progress. They've almost finished the entire room.

Take a look at the kind of details that make this sort of installation look almost as good as it did a hundred years ago. When they take the time to bring the herringbone right into a square frame around, of course, another one of these grills that we're retrofitting. When they take the herringbone in this direction and we have a happy. Stance were this hearth was at a 45 degree angle, so that you've got all of these beautiful angles coming together and then butting right into the frame around the hearth.

Of course the hearth is a century old and it's sagged a little bit so it goes from flush here to off about half an inch there. That's honest. You don't really have to do much

of a repair there.
And John, I guess you've got about a half an hour's work to go. Beautiful job. Thanks a lot.

Thank you.

We're running out of time. Come home again next time when we arel gonna be getting involved in kitchen cabinets. Not only will we start installing but were gonna take

you on a tour of the factory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where they make these beautiful heritage cabinets.
That's it for now, until next time, I'm Bob Vila. It's good

to have you home again.