Cutting an Exterior Door to Fit

Project: Basement Finishing and Family Space, Episode 7, Part 2

Back in Melrose, MA, Bob is outside for the installation of a white cedar fence that is racked to accommodate the sloping lot. The posts are sunk 36 inches into the ground, or one third the overall height of the fence, backfilled with dirt, then set with concrete for stability. The concrete is set outside the dirt packing so that water does not trap against the posts. The fence has its clear or beauty side facing out toward side neighbors, but facing in toward the yard in the back. The fence is built with wing walls to create adjacent mini sheds for gardening supplies, garbage, or backyard toys. Inside, Moynihan Lumber has adapted a Therma-Tru flush fiberglass door to fit the style and door opening from the basement to the yard. A new half-bath is installed with plumbing, wiring, and a macerating toilet to liquefy and expel waste from belowground fixtures. A tile floor is laid in the new laundry and bath with set-in electric radiant mats underneath for programmable warm floors. Fiberglass-faced wallboard is installed to keep the basement mold-free. It can be finished just like blue board with taping or a traditional plaster veneer.

Part 1: Installing a Fence on a Sloped Site
Part 2: Cutting an Exterior Door to Fit
Bob explains how the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System has added a lot of warmth to the Melrose basement. A mud room was also installed in the home, with a six-panel door on the interior. Bob talks with Lou Sandonato from Moynihan Lumber about the small exterior door of the mudroom that has just been completed. The previous door had been there since 1921 and is now being replaced with an energy-efficient door. Moynihan Lumber modified an existing door to fit the smaller space. Sandonato explains the modifications that were made to make the door fit. The door is a fiberglass Therma-Tru model that was cut down in height and width tofit the existing opening.
Part 3: Installing a Basement Half-Bathroom