Carpeting the Basement and Organizing the Home

Carpet tiles are installed in the basement, and experts discuss storage and organizing solutions for the basement and master bedroom.

Clip Summary

Bob explains that the carpeting pattern in the basement may look like wall-to-wall carpeting, but actually it is Binvetec carpet tiles. Instead of being made up long rolls, the tiles are non-adhesive squares. The pattern on the tiles is designed so that any way the tile is laid, a pattern is created. The system is flexible to allow freedom for creative design. Bob talks with Jered Hamlin of Slide-Lok about the built-in storage furniture being constructed and installed. Slide-Lok is a garage storage cabinet that can also be used in the home. Plastic leg extensions are used to keep the cabinets off the floor. Slide-Lok cabinets are assembled with a slide-in-place technology and dovetail joinery. This cabinet system can be configured and purchased online. A small bead of glue is applied in each of the joints before the shelf slides in. Nailers are slid into place to attach the unit to the wall. Adjustable plastic legs are put into place to keep the cabinet off the floor and correct any inconsistencies in the floor level. Each unit comes with all the installation screws and hardware needed to put the unit together. The master closet of the Melrose home was redesigned to maximize storage space. Chloe Durant of California Closets met with the homeowner to draw up plans on redesigning the space. The dressers in the closet were cluttered and in the wrong areas while hanging clothes were not accessible. A drawer unit with full extension, ball-bearing slides was selected. Double hanging was put into place where the hanging rack used to stand. Women's shoe shelves were put in to display different shoes. A vanity with jewelry drawer section was installed and a hanging wall with hangers at different heights to keep clothes organized. Adding all the hanging units has resulted in a big gain in the amount of open floor space in the walk-in closet.
And, we seem to have wall-to-wall carpeting down, but actually its Binvetec carpet tiles. We thought a perfect choice in a basement would be a product that wasn't, you know, wall to wall, huge rolls and stuff.

These are squares that can be replaced, should you ever have to replace one. And you assemble them.

They're, they're non-adhesive, which means that they're not permanent, you know, they do stick.

And one of the interesting things is that creating this pattern, which you see here, is something that you can really get creative with. Because, the way the design is made, anyway that you lay them out, something works out. They all match, the curve , the balls and the different shapes.

So that you really can't make any mistakes putting them down.

And you can get very creative with the pattern, as you can see here, in the overall kind of, what you see on the floor.
It's very, very nice. It's not quite finished yet, but right now, we want to say hello to Mr. Hamelin here.

Hi, Bob.

And Jarrod, you are from Slide-Lok, and Slide-Lok is the built-in furniture manufacturer that is gonna supply all these.

Yeah, what Slide-Lok is, is it's a garage storage cabinet, that also can be used in the home. And it's a plywood-based product and the really neat thing about our cabinets are the plastic leg extensions that we used to keep the cabinet off of the floor.

The Slide-Lok refers to the joinery, if you will.

Correct. A dove-tailed joint that's far superior to any butt joint or dado joint.

These are the back pieces that attach to the wall, the doors, inner shelf Yeah, that's an adjustable shelf.

So we've got three of them.

This looks like a bottom.


This is the male part of the dovetail.


Slides in.

Alright, well, I'm gonna get the box and the packing material out of the way. And this is, you know, again in the wonderful age of the internet, this is the kind of thing you should shop for on your computer.

And you design and figure out how much you can use and how much you need.

And we're just going to quiet down here, and watch you put it together.

Okay. What your are doing is just apply a small bead of glue in each of the joints.

Any wood glue will do. The shelf basically just slides in .

Hence the name.

Yep, slide-lock. These holes that are in the shelves are for the plastic. leg that I was talking about earlier.


Now that's a great feature, not having to worry about a toe kick situation where you could in fact have rodents nesting.


Just slides in.
Put the two nailers on.

This is what we are going to screw through to attach it to the wall.

These are the plastic legs here.
You can see they are adjustable. All the cabinets come with all of the installation screws and hardware that you will need.

Hey, Jarad, we will check back with you later, when you are farther along. Meantime, there's another sort of storage solution we've been working on, upstairs in the master bedroom closet, where we had another very disorganized space.

Well, the master bedroom closet, if it's done the right way, can really save a marriage.
No one wants to wake up everyday to a messy space where they can't find things, it sets you up for a gloomy day.

So, what I have done, when I met with Sara, is, we came into a closet where they had tried to get the organization to work themselves.

They had some beautiful dressers that were in here, but they just weren't exactly in the right space.
There was clutter on top, the hanging wasn't accessible, it just felt felt very heavy in here.

So what we did is, we took an inventory of all the clothes and everything that was required to come into the space, and this is a design that I presented to you Sarah, say this something that we're going to do.

Dave is going to start building the drawer unit right here to start off with.

At California Closets, we use all full extension ball bearing slides so that when you pull the drawer out you can get full use of the entire space.

We've maximized the space here, by adding some hanging on this wall.
If you remember, when came into the room, we have a lot of clothes on rack, sticking into the center of the room.

On this wall right here we're going to be putting double hanging which is going to maximize the surface area.

Now that everything is installed, this is the perfect chance to go through the closet and look at all the features.
Here we have the lady's shoe shelves which is perfect, as we mentioned before, for showcasing different shoes.

Just walking through the bureau area. Nice wide drawers for organizing personal item . Vanity section with a jewelry drawer on top. Second sliding tray as well as a hidden magnetic lock.

The vanity counter top, fabulous place to put her make-up on.
With the natural light which helps in applying makeup. Over here, we have different lengths of hanging to keep ourselves organized. And here is the valet rod to set your clothes out for the next day. Belt rack that pulls out beyond the clothes once everything's in.

This is a hanging wall where we put different height of hanging , which helps you to keep your clothes very organized.

Finally Ricardo's area, where he has his own space for shoes, his own drawers for socks and underwear, t-shirts.
The belt rack, tie rack and his own ballet hook.

And then finally look at all the floor space we have gained for a real walk-in closet.