Cutting an Exterior Door to Fit

An energy-efficient door is cut down in size to replace the small exterior door leading to the new basement mud room.

Clip Summary

Bob explains how the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System has added a lot of warmth to the Melrose basement. A mud room was also installed in the home, with a six-panel door on the interior. Bob talks with Lou Sandonato from Moynihan Lumber about the small exterior door of the mudroom that has just been completed. The previous door had been there since 1921 and is now being replaced with an energy-efficient door. Moynihan Lumber modified an existing door to fit the smaller space. Sandonato explains the modifications that were made to make the door fit. The door is a fiberglass Therma-Tru model that was cut down in height and width tofit the existing opening.
The Owens Corning basement finishing system has given us a lot of warmth in this new family room. And one thing that we did was to build a little mud room here.

Our friends from Moynahan Lumber just installed a nice six-panel door here. And, Luce Andonaro, there you are. Have you finished with that door?

It's all set, Bob. Just finishing up the trim.

The door that was here was this little miniature fair because of the fact that we're in a basement that didn't have a bulkhead entrance, just this little door. Nasty little door that's been there since 1920, and you guys have done a great job of modifying a door for our opening.

Yeah, we took a flush fiberglass door, put some plants on it, glued them on, with some adhesive tape, cut a couple lights in it. Put double bolt security system in place.

So, you guys do this kind of work back at the shop? Pat Moynihan right?


And this is, what 's it made out of, this door?

It's a fiberglass door: Thermatrue fiberglass. It's called a smooth-style door.

And so you started out with just a flush door, and you cut it down to size.

Correct. We cut it down the size height and width, and then we, like I said, we put the plants on it for ya. To give it some design so it wouldn't just be a flush door.

Yeah close it a minute cause you put it on both sides, and, what kind - I mean is it a wood molding that you put on there?

It's an Azek molding. We trim it in the shop. We make it to fit the plants and its the same profile for you.

It's a beautiful job.

Thank you.

Thanks, Lou.