Ultra Low-Flow Toilet Installed

Lenora Campos shows Bob a Toto energy-efficient toilet.

Clip Summary

Lenora Campos from Toto, USA, is with Bob for the installation of the Nexus two-piece, porcelain toilet. The design is inspired by nature, with distinct lines that hide the plumbing and suggest a rock outcropping. All Toto toilets are 1.6-gallon flush models. They flush effectively the first time, because a special G-Max flush system is designed to clear waste completely through the bowl and the fully-glazed trap way. This Washlet 6300 has a wash feature and a dryer to completely eliminate the need for toilet paper. A remote control system enables homeowners to set the water, seat, and dryer temperatures and to automatically clean the wand. The system also has an energy-saving mode that powers down during periods of infrequent use. These washlets sell well throughout the world, including Japan where washlet sales outpace those of microwave ovens.